The holiday season is upon us. October, November and December all have major holidays that involve people decorating their homes. If you’re selling your Smyrna property, you might be wondering if you can decorate while you’re having the home shown. If you love getting in the holiday spirit, the good news is: yes, you can decorate. You’ll want to make sure you do it in a way that’s not going to detract from the home, however. Here are some tips.

1: Less Is More

The nearest holiday is Halloween and, of course, that means a lot of people are going to be making their house a spooky space for the holidays. If you have your house on the market, don’t be afraid to put out a jack-o-lantern or put up some other decorations, but keep your decorating from going overboard. A few seasonal touches here and there can make your house look more attractive, but too many will make it hard for buyers to make a good assessment of the property.

2: Work Around Your Staging

Having your house staged is one of the most important tasks when you’re ready to start letting people do walk-throughs. If you’re going to decorate for the holidays, work around your staging. Don’t dismantle the staging to get an extra string of lights up, in other words, because people touring your home will want to see it at its best and staging your home ensures that your home does look as attractive as possible to buyers.

3: Watch Out for Trip Hazards

A trip hazard is just what the name implies: anything that might make you trip and fall. Trip and fall injuries can be serious. They can result in significant expenses and raise liability issues. Make sure to watch out for the following:

·         Cords strung across walkways

·         Decorations that have fallen and that might cause someone to stumble

·         Areas where people have to duck to avoid hanging decorations

·         Cluttered areas that may be difficult to walk through

Remember that clutter ruins the look of a house, so be sure you’re not creating it by decorating for the holidays.

When the holiday is over, take down the decorations right away. While it’s fine to leave holiday decorations up under normal circumstances, you want to make sure your home looks well-maintained when you show it. Having decorations up after the holiday has passed gives the opposite impression.


If you have other questions about staging, ask us!