When you’re selling your property in Smyrna, you’re selling more than a house. Likely, you have a lot of memories you associate with the property, and it can be bittersweet knowing the property will no longer be your own. In most cases, homeowners will have invested work in improving and maintaining their property, and this can make coming up with a fair sales price hard, as well. Unfortunately, these and other factors often cause homeowners to want a higher than realistic price for their real estate. It’s vital to have an impartial third party assess the real market value of your property.




Who Sets the Price?




In the end, it’s the buyer who decides how much they’re willing to pay for your property. This takes place after negotiating with your Realtor, who will try to get the best possible deal for you. Realtors have to work within the realistic pricing range of the Smyrna market, and that might mean that you have to compromise a bit on how much you’ll get for your property.




Nostalgia, for instance, has no sales value. Perhaps you have meaningful memories associated with the house, but a buyer won’t be concerned with that at all. While the actual work you put into your home is likely to increase the asking price, you also need to talk to your Realtor about the real value of those improvements. There are plenty of sites out there that offer inflated estimates for how much you can ask for an improved kitchen, better appliances, a fresh paint job and so forth.




Appraisers, with whom Realtors generally have good working relationships, can give you the best estimate on the market value of your property, but remember that they may differ in their assessments between one and the next, as well.




Pricing the House Right Makes Life Easier




If you ask too much for your property, it’s likely to languish on the market. This means that you’ll have to pay to maintain it and, of course, you can’t let anything go if buyers are visiting your property. Working with a skilled Realtor allows you to set a realistic price for your home, which will make it sell more quickly.




There are many for-sale-by-owner sites out there that make pricing and selling your home seem easy. In reality, selling property is a major financial transaction, and that transaction begins with setting a fair price on what’s being offered. Instead of making a guess, or taking a bad estimate from a website, let a Realtor help you decide upon a good price that will help you sell your home quickly.