For most people, the biggest financial transactions they’ll ever participate in will involve buying or selling real estate. In Smyrna, while the community has its own distinctive feel and set of advantages for those who live here, the rest of the real estate market functions much as it does anywhere else. Among other things, that means that most people pay for their home with a mortgage, as opposed to paying cash.




If you’re a first-time buyer, it’s likely that a lot of the particulars of mortgage lending are a bit intimidating, especially if you’ve never taken out a large loan before. Here are some places where you can get high-quality information on the mortgage market that isn’t sales information; that’s designed specifically to educate, inform, or both.


Financial and News Sites


Mortgage rates, buying and selling trends, and just about every other facet of the real estate market get plenty of coverage in the media. Finding out about large-scale, national trends is particularly easy these days, as most of the big outlets offer excellent coverage of the real estate markets, and plenty of analysis to go along with it. Some of the most-frequented sites include MarketWatch, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and CNBC.




The largest paper in Atlanta is the Atlanta Journal Constitution, and the paper gives plenty of coverage to real estate news. Since Smyrna is so convenient to Atlanta, reading local media is a great way to get an idea of the resources and attractions you’ll have access to if you’re looking for real estate in Smyrna, but live out of town at the moment.


Informational Sites


If you want to learn the basics about how mortgages work, there are plenty of great resources out there. How Stuff Works has a very accessible and worthwhile guide to mortgages. Forbes also has an excellent page that breaks down the basics of mortgages, which you can read by clicking here.




If you’ve gotten prequalified for a mortgage already, be sure to ask the company that prequalified you if they can recommend some informational sites to you. Remember that we can answer questions, too, so don’t be afraid to contact your Realtor to ask if you’re unclear on something.




Mortgage lending seems more complex than it is. It probably won’t take long for you to get the hang of the jargon, what the contrasts are between different types of mortgages, and how rates work, but never be afraid to ask if you’re not sure!