Hooking up utilities is a mix of the good and the frustrating. On the good side, when you get to the point of hooking up the utilities at your new house in Smyrna, you’ll really have a sense that it’s become your property. On the other hand, Internet service, in particular, can be tricky, particularly if you work from home and need a very good connection. Here are some considerations to take into account about the various types of Internet services available, and how they rate compared to one another.








DSL stands for digital subscriber line. It’s been around for a long time now and is among the more reliable forms of broadband Internet. This type of Internet connection is usually provided by your phone company. Speeds can be very fast and pricing is competitive with these lines. You can oftentimes bundle phone, TV, and Internet service all in one with a DSL connection. This is among the most popular types of Internet connection for consumers and, because nearly all homes have landline hardware installed, there’s no installation of permanent equipment required in most cases.




Cable Internet




Cable Internet sometimes comes at higher speeds than whats available for DSL hookups, which gives it something of an advantage for home businesses. A drawback with these connections is that, in some cases, you might notice your Internet speeds slow down during times of the day when there a lot of other subscribers online. If you have a business, you can ask your provider if they can give you a dedicated connection, which might eliminate the slow downs. Cable Internet is also available in bundles with TV from many providers, but tends to be more expensive than DSL.




Satellite Internet




Satellite Internet is generally expensive and not as fast as cable or DSL. It can reach anywhere but, given that Smyrna has access to most other types of Internet, getting a different type of connection shouldn’t be a problem. Because the signal is carried by satellite, there’s always a delay compared to cable and DSL, which makes this one of the slower options for Internet service.








By far the fastest option, fiber-optic Internet is also usually a bit pricier than other options. However, if you need a fast and reliable business connection, it’s hard to do better than this option. The drawback here is availability, so if you need this type of connection, make sure it’s available at the property you want.




If you have questions about availability and other issues related to getting your Internet hooked up, be sure to ask your Realtor.