Anyone who lives in Georgia is no stranger to warm summers, but keeping your house cool is easier and less expensive than ever before, thanks to how technology has changed over the years. Some of the best ways to save money and keep your house comfortable are pretty cutting edge, and others are simply improvements on older technology.




Smart Cooling


Smart home cooling oftentimes makes use of zones. The home is broken up into cooling zones and the cooling system detects which rooms are occupied and which are not. Only the rooms that are occupied get cooling, and that can save a lot of money on your utility bill. If you’re thinking of upgrading your HVAC system before you put your Smyrna property on the market, be sure you ask your contractor about making your system smarter in the process by using cooling zones.




Ductless AC


Ductless AC has caught on in the US more slowly than it has in Europe, but it’s becoming more common in the US all the time. This type of AC system allows for the zone-based cooling described above, and is particularly well-suited for smaller homes and homes with spaces that would be difficult for a traditional system to reach. These systems will save money, but more over the long term than the short. If you have a smaller house or you’re just interested in going with the latest tech when you make improvements to a Smyrna property of any size, ask your HVAC company about this option.




Not Your Father’s Window AC


Window-mounted AC units have become much more efficient, affordable, and effective over the years. There are floor models, as well, which are very advanced and efficient, available from home improvement stores and online. These options are great if, for the most part, your house cools well, but you have one or two rooms that need a bit of extra cold air during the summer.




HVAC is a major home system and, as such, it’s a big consideration in whether or not someone is likely to buy a property. If you're putting your Smyrna property on the market, make sure to have your HVAC equipment repaired, if needed, as buyers are likely to view problems with heating and cooling as significant reasons to pass on a house. If you need help getting your AC inspected or in finding a pro who can help you fix it up, ask us for information.