Summer is when most people think they should put their home on the market. In Smyrna and most everywhere else, summer does tend to be the busiest season. Consider, however, that spring does offer some advantages to homeowners who want to sell, and that waiting for summer might not actually be necessary.


Spring Makes Sense for Buyers


For the past few years, Smyrna real estate has been going up in value. That’s great if you own a home in the community, but consider how that changes the market for some buyers. Some of them might be very eager to make Smyrna their home, but find themselves getting outbid when the market is hot.


Truth be told, the market is hot. A lot of people want to buy in Smyrna; fewer want to sell.


It’s tempting to think that, if you’re competing in the heat of the summer, you’ll inevitably get more for your home. This isn’t necessarily true. During the summertime, some homeowners, particularly those that don’t work with us, are likely to overprice their homes.


That means that a lot of sellers are going to be looking at one overpriced home after another and, perhaps, end up losing interest in the community before they even get to yours.


In spring, in a seller’s market, there can be advantages over selling in summer. Fewer homes on the market means that you can set your home at a very good price, since there’s less inventory. Fewer options for buyers, particularly in a seller’s market such as Smyrna’s, mean that buyers are more likely to take a look at your home. A springtime seller, because of these factors, might end up being able to ask more than they’d get in the summer and still be more likely to get buyer traffic to their home.


Work with The Smyrna Team


Pricing a home might seem easy to do, but it’s hard to do it right. Set your price too high and no one’s going to be interested. Set it too low and, well, you’ll obviously end up settling for less money than you should take.


We can analyze the market for you and, if you go with us, we will also be aware of important goings on in the community that might make your property more valuable than you thought. If you’re going to sell in spring, and you want to make sure you get the best deal possible, work with a pro!