Smyrna real estate increased in value over the course of 2016. For those looking to buy property near Atlanta, Smyrna could be an excellent choice, both for real estate values and quality of life.


Prices Rise


Across Smyrna, the median listing price for a single-family home rose from $310,000 to $338,000, according to For those who own property in Smyrna already, this is obviously good news, but it’s also good news if you’re looking to buy.


The price increase is modest enough that those who qualify for lending, or who come to the purchase with cash in hand, shouldn’t find themselves priced out of the market. However, the same source reports that, in November 2013, the median home price was $218,000. The difference between just a few years ago and now is quite significant.


For many home buyers, real estate in Smyrna represents what they hope will be a solid, long-term investment. The numbers point toward that being the case.


What Makes Smyrna Desirable?


Smyrna’s property prices have gone up, but they’re still quite affordable, particularly given how close Smyrna is to Atlanta. For commuters,  the location is ideal; far enough from the city to offer a very different feel and close enough to make driving to work easy.


Smyrna has sixteen schools, meaning that elementary school children generally don’t have to attend a school far from home and, of course, there are options for older children. This, along with other factors, makes the community popular with parents.


More than half of Smyrna’s residents own their homes. That, of course, means that there’s stability in the neighborhoods and, thus, Smyrna enjoys a sense of community. In addition to commercial shops and other diversions, the library and other community resources offer many activities,  for people of all ages.


First-Time Buyer?


For first-time buyers, Smyrna definitely has good options. The community’s increasing appeal and, thus, increasing prices make it worth exploring for those who want a home they can comfortably afford but who also want to make sure they’re not buying real estate that’s never going to be any more desirable than it is when they acquire it. Everything about Smyrna real estate over the past few years shows that more and more people want to live in this community.


If you’re interested in buying in Smyrna, take a look at available listings and, if you want to move quickly, get prequalified for a mortgage.