Smyrna, GA is one of the more popular places to live in the Atlanta area, particularly with younger people. Nonetheless, the popularity of a city alone is not enough to drive a good real estate decision. Smyrna has plenty going for it and the combination of those things, rather than trendiness, makes it a very popular place to live.


The Market Has Been Good


Over the past couple of years, the median home prices for Smyrna have held mostly steady and the price per square foot has climbed. At the same time, renting in Smyrna has become more expensive, handing the advantage to homeowners over renters. Add to that the fact that the average days on market figure for properties has dropped and you can see why people are consistently interested in Smyrna real estate.


The stability of the market and the availability of homes across a wide price range make Smyrna a good place to buy. The community makes it a great place to live.


Close to Atlanta


One of the major selling points of Smyrna, of course, is its proximity to Atlanta. There are plenty of people who choose to buy property in Smyrna because they want to be close to Atlanta, but don’t want to live right in the heart of it. For commuters, Smyrna is ideal. Like Atlanta itself, Smyrna boasts very diverse neighborhoods, which increases its appeal with younger buyers.


It’s Ideal for First-Time Buyers


The Millennials are a huge generation and, as they come into their own, they’re starting to look at property. Many younger buyers, of course, have never owned property in Smyrna or anywhere else before. Between the solid market and the availability of homes that are affordable, but worth owning, a good number of first-time buyers in the Atlanta area look toward Smyrna.


Is Smyrna Right for You?


You can always talk to us about whether or not the community would work for you. There are plenty of places to live around Atlanta, but more and more people are choosing to live in Smyrna. A Realtor can give you more insight into why that’s the case and, if you’re interested, help you to find the best property in Smyrna for you and your family.


If you’re a first-time buyer, remember that getting prequalified for a mortgage can make home shopping a lot faster and easier!