You’ve probably heard that autumn and winter are slower times for real estate but, if you’re planning on putting your Smyrna property on the market this November or December, don’t let that dissuade you. There are some areas, however, where you need to take extra care if you’re selling your property toward the end of the year.


Get All Your Household Systems Checked


This mainly applies to the HVAC system in your house, but you should get every household system in your Smyrna property checked out by professionals before you start showing the house. A problem with your heating system, if you’re putting your house on the market in the late spring or summer, needs to be fixed, but it’s not a complete disaster. If your house has a heating problem when it’s being shown in November, however, don’t expect buyers to get serious about making an offer. Get your plumbing, electric, and other systems checked, out.


Be Accommodating to Buyers


During the spring and summer, people tend to travel more and to take more time away from work. School is also out of session for most people, so it’s easier for people to tour Smyrna properties they’re interested in. In the autumn and winter, people tend to work more, travel less, and have to juggle work and school schedules, so buyers might want to tour the property during the evening, on weekends, or at other times that aren’t ideal for the property owner. Remember that there will be less showing traffic during the end of the year, so try to be accommodating to these buyers. They may have a genuine interest in making an offer on your property, but it also might be very difficult for them to even get to your property to see it in person. Being accommodating toward home buyers during the autumn and winter can go a long way toward selling your house faster.


Coordinate with Your Realtor


You won’t want to miss any opportunities to have someone see your property during this time of year, so keep in contact with us and do your best to coordinate your efforts. We will work hard to market your property, so there will be people coming by to take a look at it. Make sure it’s in the best possible shape and be willing to be a bit accommodating to interested buyers and you’ll find that the autumn and winter are great times to sell.