It’s not unusual for people to move out of their Smyrna real estate before they sell it. If this applies to you, you’ll have to consider how you can keep your property safe while you’re away. Here are some tips that can make a big difference in home security if you’ve already moved on to a new home.


Light Timers Make a Huge Difference


Light timers are cheap, reliable, and are great deterrents to break ins. You can pick them up at any home improvement or department store. Set the lights to come on around dark so that it looks like someone is in the house. You can also set them to come on at different times in different rooms to make the effect more convincing. For instance, your living room lights might come on in the evening and stay on until 10pm and your bedroom lights might come on at 10pm and stay on for an hour or so. The idea is to make it look like someone is moving around the house.


Let Your Neighbors Know You’re Not Around


Your neighbors can be the best security system of all. No matter how smart home alarm systems become, people are still smarter. Let your neighbors know you’re not going to be back to the property and, if they’re amicable, give them your Realtor’s number so that they can verify that anyone coming to the property claiming to be from the real estate agency is supposed to be there. Communication and community are two of the biggest deterrents to crime, so talk to the people you live by and they’ll likely help you by keeping an eye on the place.


Add Some Cameras


Security cameras have never been more affordable than they are now. You can pick up Internet-enabled security cameras with motion detectors, sound detectors and cloud recording storage that make a formidable security system for any home. You’ll have to keep your Internet service on for these to work, but remember that they’re not bandwidth intensive, so you can likely reduce your Internet speed and save some money on the monthly cost of keeping it live. If someone enters the home, motion detectors start recording and you can check in live to see what’s going on.


Your Realtor Knows Security


Vacant properties are nothing new to us. They use technology such as lockboxes to secure homes while the owners are gone, while still allowing for showings. If you have questions about how we help keep your property secured, don’t be afraid to ask!