If you’ve got your property in Smyrna on the market, don’t expect too much of a slowdown in showings around the holidays. While it’s true that a lot of people will be away or busy celebrating, a fair number might also show up in Smyrna looking for properties, and you’ll want to have your house ready to accommodate showings, if necessary.

This time of year, even without the holidays involved, is a bit more complicated than summer. You’ll have to pay particular attention to the areas where people are likely to be walking around to make sure everyone’s safe and to make sure your house doesn’t get dirty from people coming through it.

Keep it Safe Outside!

Smyrna generally has nice weather, but storms can and do happen. Be sure you’re ready for them. It’s particularly important to watch out for ice and snow build up.

Keep walkways clear of any ice and snow. If it’s building up outside and you have people coming to see the property, be sure to clear off the sidewalks and stairs regularly. Remember that some people have a hard time dealing with slip and fall hazards due to age or a physical condition, so keep that in mind when you’re assessing the condition of your walkways.

You’ll also want to turn on outdoor lighting when people come by. It gets dark early this time of year and not only do you want people to see as much of your house as possible, you want to make sure they’re safe walking around.

Inside, Protect Your Floors

During the winter, people tend to wear bigger, heavier boots and, in particular, boots with treads that can track in a lot of dirt and debris. Plan on sweeping and vacuuming up after visitors when they leave. If your visitors are going onto carpeted areas, it’s not inappropriate to ask them to take off their shoes. After all, the last thing you need when you’re showing your home is a tracked-up carpet.

Your Realtor can help you get ready for visitors, so don’t feel overwhelmed if you’ve never shown a home before. Your Realtor will handle the walkthroughs and visitor’s questions. There are even professional home stagers who can set your home up to look as attractive as possible for potential buyers.


If you have questions about setting up showings and how you can accommodate home buyers, even if you have a busy schedule, talk to us.