If you’re selling your house in Smyrna, the best and only way you should arrange showings is through your Realtor. We know how to most safely show your home to interested buyers and, importantly, they’re adept at telling whether or not someone is actually interested in the house or if they’re just touring every house in Smyrna but aren’t serious about buying.


Whenever you’re showing a home, obviously, you should make sure to put valuables away and to lock up safes, jewelry boxes, and any other storage for such items you have in the house. Just as important are your computers and cell phones, however. Each contains information that might be far more valuable than your jewelry or other items. Fortunately, basic security is not too difficult where digital devices are concerned.

Log Off or Shut Down

Before anyone arrives for a showing, make sure you turn off your computer or that you, at least, log out of your session. Put a password on your computer so no one can open up your files without knowing your credentials. If you log out rather than shut down, be sure to turn the screen off so you don’t inadvertently leave personal information out for everyone to see.

Secure your Smartphone

People spend a lot of time browsing social media, get their email, and even shop on their smartphones. That means that you might be actively logged into several different sites and accounts without knowing it. If someone pockets your smartphone and it’s not secured, they can walk away with enough identity information to complete transactions in your name, in most cases.

Make sure your smartphone uses a screen locking feature. You can use a password, pin number, or pattern to unlock your phone, but make sure you can’t just open it by swiping across the screen. Ideally, you should encrypt your smartphone for maximum protection. This is a popular security measure these days, so if you don’t know what that means or how to do it, just ask around.

Paper Still Matters

In addition to securing your digital devices, do a check to make sure there aren’t any printed materials with identity information on them lying around. Bills, paychecks, and other such information should be stowed away somewhere safe.

Ask Your Realtor


Remember to only conduct showings through your Realtor. If someone sees your yard sign and asks to see the house, just refer them to your Realtor and let us handle it