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June 3, 2019

Smyrna Events for June 2019




June means beautiful days and warm nights in Smyrna and, of course, that there’s plenty to do. If you’re in town looking for a property in Smyrna, here are some events to check out while you’re in the area.


Every Tuesday in June




Food Truck Tuesdays


Taylor Brawner Park


3180 Atlanta Road


Smyrna 30080




This weekly event is among the most popular around, with a variety of food trucks showing up every week, providing plenty of options for everyone. The City of Smyrna reminds attendees to make sure they’re parked legally. There is parking available at the Community bank of the South on Atlanta road after 5pm. You’ll find the bank at the intersection of Atlanta Road and Concord/Spring. The city recommends walking or biking to the event to make things easier. For more information, click here.




June 7-9


Dixie Highway 90-Mile Yard Sale


Spans from Marietta to Ringgold on Highway 41




Thirteen communities participate in this massive yard sale event, offering plenty of opportunities for you to find new items for your Smyrna property at a discount! Plan on doing some driving and getting some great deals. You’ll also get a chance to see some beautiful towns and to get to know the area better. You can get more information by clicking here.




June 8




Smyrna Summer Concert Series Featuring Sugar Lime Blue


200 Village Green Circle


Smyrna 30080




This month, the Smyrna Summer Concert Series features Sugar Lime Blue, who blend blues, country, and jazz into their own sound and style. Admission for residents of the city is $30 per concert—you’ll be provided a table—and $40 for non-residents. You can get more information by clicking here.




June 29




Not Just a Movie Movie Series


Twentieth Century Veterans Memorial


2800 King Street SE


Smyrna, 30080




In addition to the film, Hotel Transylvania, this event features a DJ and plenty of other activities. The events start at 7:30. Admission is free and includes popcorn so, if you’re looking to get out and about without spending a lot of money, this event is a good fit. The film is rated PG. You can get more information on the event by clicking here.




If you’re looking for more information on things to do in and around Smyrna, remember to ask your Realtor. From restaurants, to finding services like movers, to knowing where the best places around town to relax and enjoy the environs are located, Realtors are local experts.


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May 30, 2019

Avoiding Stuffy Air During Summer Showings



The Smyrna real estate market gets busy during the summer, and that means that you’re likely to have plenty of showings if your house is on the market. Unfortunately, the hot summer months can make houses stuffy and that doesn’t make the right impression on buyers. Here are some ways you can keep the air in your house fresh and clean, making the property more attractive to buyers.


If You Have AC


AC is a big advantage if you want to keep people looking at your house longer. You don’t have to blast the AC, but set it at a low enough temperature that people will feel a bit of relief getting into your nice, cool house and out of the summer heat. If you’re having a lot of showings, your AC bill might be a bit higher than normal from having people in and out of the house a lot, but it’s worth it to keep visitors comfortable enough to explore the entire house.


If You Don’t Have AC or It’s Less than Optimal


If you don’t use AC or if your AC is less powerful than you might want on the hottest summer days, you still have options that can keep the air in your house fresh and cool. First and foremost, if your house does tend to get hot, consider portable AC units for the hottest rooms.


Fans are great if you don’t have AC. While they obviously don’t have the cooling power of air conditioning, fans go a long way toward keeping the air in your house fresh by simply moving it around. If you need fans, be sure to put one in each room and the air will smell much fresher and feel cooler than it would otherwise.


Avoid Artificial Air Fresheners


There are many different natural air fresheners on the market, and they’re generally preferable to the spray fresheners you can pick up at grocery stores. Artificial air fresheners actually irritate some people’s noses, so it’s best to keep things as natural as possible. After someone goes through your house, wiping down the counters and other surfaces with a cleaner can also freshen up the air a bit, without overwhelming the next visitors with strong scents.


Keeping Your House Inviting


You can always ask your Realtor for more tips on keeping your house as attractive as possible to buyers. Showings are opportunities to make good impressions on buyers, so do everything you can to make your house inviting and comfortable.

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May 14, 2019

Offline Advertising Matters for Smyrna Real Estate


With real estate being advertised so heavily online these days, it’s easy to get the impression that offline advertising might  not be all that important. Realtors will tell you different, however. Here are some of the ways that Realtors make sure that your Smyrna property gets as much exposure as possible, including exposure that doesn’t involve a potential buyer using a computer or a mobile device to view your listing.


Open Houses


Open house signs still get people's attention and they have some advantages over online advertising. For example, if buyers are touring houses in the area on a given day, having signage out for your home ensures that, even if they haven’t checked all the online listings thoroughly, they’ll know that your house is a convenient distance from the houses they’re already touring. Since it doesn’t really take long to tour a house, seeing signage for yours can persuade those buyers to invest the time in having a look!


Reputation and Personal Connections


Smyrna Realtors who’ve been in business for a long time rely on their connections in the real estate world to move houses for their clients. Word-of-mouth, the Realtor’s track record, and their skill in dealing with potential buyers all contribute to their client’s success, and those are things that aren’t really represented online as well as they are in person. Realtors can help their clients to find the right house or to sell their properties and, at the same time, their competence makes working out deals easier for their clients and the people with whom their clients are doing business.


Creativity Matters


Realtors are generally very good at coming up with creative and fun ways to get the properties they represent noticed. In some cases, this might be something simple, like offering open houses during the weekdays in the summer, when people are less likely to be out of town on vacation. Sometimes Realtors will use creative signage or other tools to make sure your house stands out among many others when people are out touring. Experience helps Realtors to put their efforts where they’re most likely to work, and to help their client’s properties to get the attention they deserve.


While there are plenty of sites that claim to be one-stop solutions to selling and buying property, in reality, Realtors use all the resources available to them, and their offline skills are just as important to their buyers as are their online skills.

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May 13, 2019

Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space


Most people are aware that the Smyrna real estate market gets busier during the summer, but there’s more to the summer real estate season than increased foot traffic. Summer gives you an opportunity to show off your property in ways that aren’t nearly as easy in the cooler months, particularly where showing off your outdoor spaces are concerned. Here are some tips for doing that.


Know Your House’s Strengths


First and foremost, work with your Realtor to show off what your property really has to offer. Some features are obvious. A swimming pool, for instance, deserves a lot of attention, as it’s a major selling point for some buyers. There are other aspects of your house that you may not have considered as far as strengths go, however.


If you have a big yard, it’s not only good on paper, it can be great aesthetically. Consider some improvements like more sophisticated lawn maintenance, or adding some landscaping features. If you have room, setting up an area as an outdoor gathering place can be very attractive to buyers. The point is to show off the amount of space you have and, whatever you do, to make sure it’s well-maintained.


If you have a smaller lot, that has its advantages, too. Adding some landscaping features is usually inexpensive and, for buyers who really don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on a yard, a smaller, simpler yard can be a big advantage for those who want to keep down the amount of maintenance the house requires.


Furniture and Decoration


If your house has a good porch or a good yard for it, set up some furniture outside to show off the potential for an outdoor space. Work with your Realtor to figure out classy, attractive ways to stage your outdoor space, and buyers will be more likely to pull over to have a look at your house.


One of the advantages of selling your Smyrna property in the summer is just how easy it is to show off every part of the property. The yard looks its best, the deck is inviting on warm days, the advantages of having a porch really come through: summer really lets you give potential buyers a proper tour, with all the best features included. Take advantage of that and your property is likely to sell more quickly.

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May 8, 2019

Mortgage Rate Predictions Reduced


For much of the year, mortgage rate experts have been predicting that rates would hit five percent by the end of the year. That’s been modified recently, with forecasters lowering the expected rates. This and other recent developments make May a promising month for those who are looking for financing options for Smyrna real estate.


Rates Lower than Expected


At the beginning of April, mortgage rates fell more than they had in the past ten years. While rates have started to move up again, they stayed just north of 4 percent for most of April, defying expectations and staying quite low.


Mortgage predictions are always subject to change and revision, but this particular outcome is good for home buyers who want to purchase a home in Smyrna this year. With the busy summer real estate season getting underway and mortgage rates being unexpectedly low, those seeking financing are likely to have more and better options than they may have anticipated.


One of the factors that played into mortgage rates becoming more favorable to borrowers was the Fed opting to not raise interest rates. Experts don’t expect this to change, but remember that it’s always worth it to move fast when rates are favorable, as they can go up unexpectedly, resulting in a missed opportunity if one waits for too long.


Getting Good Predictions of Rates


There are plenty of good, authoritative sources where you can get information on mortgage rates, but one of the best things you can do is start working with a lender who can give you the latest information and, just as importantly, give you information that’s specific to your situation.


Improving your credit score is always advisable before seeking mortgage lending. Even if rates are favorable, if you have a spotty credit history, you’re not likely to get the best rates out there, and any effort toward resolving issues on your credit report is worth it when you’re looking to finance a house.


If you’re not sure about your price range, get in touch with a Lender for a mortgage information and you’ll have a good estimate of how much you can borrow. Your Realtor can take that information and help you find options for Smyrna real estate that fit your budget and your particular needs for a house. Remember that rates can go up fast, however, so moving while they’re low is highly advisable if you’re looking to buy a property in Smyrna this summer.


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May 1, 2019

Smyrna Events for May, 2019


There’s always plenty to do in and around Smyrna and, as summer gets going, that’s even more the case than it is at other times of year. If you’re looking for other events or attractions, be sure to ask your Realtor; they’re always aware of things to do.


Acworth Dragon Boat Festival

May 4




This is the Third Annual Acworth Dragon Boat Race, and it’s a great family event to check out if you’re in Smyrna during the beginning of May. The Event helps the Loving Arms Cancer Outreach. Competitors include corporate, city, and other teams. If you haven’t seen a Dragon Boat, it’s worth the trip. These vessels have 20 rowers each and are adorned with dragon heads on each end of the boat. If you’re an avid photographer, this is a great event. You can get more information by clicking here.


Smyrna Food Truck Tuesdays

Starting May 7


3180 Atlanta Rd SE



Food Truck Tuesdays are back and you’ll be able to enjoy this weekly event all the way through October this year. Every Tuesday, at Taylor-Brawner Park, a variety off different food trucks gather, offering plenty of options to explore. You’re sure to have some favorite food trucks by the end of the season, and are unlikely to run out of new options to try. The trucks set up near the playground. If you have a hard time finding parking, you can also use the Community Bank of the South lot, located close to the intersection of Atlanta Road and Concord Spring. This is a fun community event and a great way to meet your neighbors. You can get more information by clicking here.


Kennesaw Grand Prix 5K Race Series

May 11

Race Day begins 6am



Over the course of the summer, there will be six races that make up the Kennesaw Grad Prix. The May event will be held on the 11 and, in addition to the race, there will be plenty of information available on getting fit and health in general. If you ran during the Jonquil Festival in Smyrna last month, these races are good opportunities to stay competitive and in great shape. For more information on the first of the races, the Swift Cantrell Classic, you can click here.


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

May 24


Earl and Rachel Smith Strand Theatre

117 North Park Square



This John Hughes classic will be playing at the Earl and Rachel Smith Strand Theater and, if you want a night out at the movies with the assurance that the selection will be a good one, this is a great event. Tickets cost $8-$9, with senior citizens, military members, and students all eligible for the discounted prices. Come early and you can catch a show by the Mighty Allen Theatre Organ. For more information click here.

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April 30, 2019

Showings, Open Houses, and Selling Your Smyrna Property



Showings and open houses are ways that your Realtor gives potential buyers a chance to see your Smyrna property up close. These are somewhat different types of sales events, though they have features in common, and they’re both occasions that can kick off the process of working with an interested buyer, so it’s definitely advantageous to understand how to get the most out of them.




Showings Versus Open Houses


A showing is arranged by your Realtor, when an interested party contacts the Realtor and asks them for a tour of your house. This is often the second or third step a buyer takes: first they see the listing online; they might drive by on their own to have a look or they might show up at an open house; and then they’ll contact the Realtor to schedule a showing. Your Realtor will accompany interested parties around your house; do not allow people to come through the property without your Realtor present. If you, however, want to leave the house during the showing, that’s usually preferred. It allows the potential buyer to interact with your Realtor, and your Realtor will make sure to handle all their questions and concerns professionally and ethically.




Open houses are usually held on weekends. During the open house, the Realtor will put out signage and give any interested parties a tour of the property on demand. Realtors usually do this for two or three hours on a day when there’s likely to be a lot of people touring properties. You don’t have to be home for these events and, again, it’s usually better if you’re not home while people are touring the property, so let your Realtor take some work off your shoulders and do the selling for you!




Remember, Don’t Make Commitments


When you’re selling your property in Smyrna, you should always let your Realtor handle all interactions with potential buyers. Saying the wrong thing to a potential buyer could put you in a bad negotiating position when they make an offer or, even worse, you might inadvertently make a commitment to a buyer without realizing it; a commitment you shouldn’t have made. Let your Realtor handle everything for you. Realtors know what to say and what not to say, and they also have a good sense of which of the potential buyers that tour your home are serious about and capable of purchasing your home and which ones might still be exploring lots of different options. Let Realtors do the heavy lifting where the sale of your property is concerned and help us to increase interest in your property by making it available for tours and showings.


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April 26, 2019

Maximizing Your Time When Touring a Property


If you’re looking for a property in Smyrna, touring houses is going to take up some of your time until you narrow your options down to those properties on which you really want to make an offer. Here are some ways you can make touring properties more productive so, ideally, you can work your way through the inventory more quickly.




Make a List and Keep Checking It


Make a list of all the things you must have in a property. It might include items such as a fenced-in yard, a certain amount of square footage for the living room, and so forth. Every time you tour a property, check off these boxes as those conditions are satisfied. As you go back through the properties you toured, you can quickly eliminate the ones that met the least of your must-have criteria and schedule second showings for those that met all your needs.




Don’t Get Caught Up Conversing


Smyrna presents buyers with plenty of options for property, so consider time to be of the essence when you’re touring the property. Don’t get caught up in conversations with the owners or their Realtors. To make sure you’re not making the Realtor feel like you’re totally disinterested, when you are interested in a property, ask for the Realtor’s card so you can have your Realtor contact them in the future. Don’t try wheeling and dealing on your own, however; it’s never a good idea to do so without your Realtor there.




Don’t Browse too Much


Remember that you don’t have to tour every property where a Realtor is holding an open house. If a house doesn’t appeal to you from the curb, just drive onto the next one and save the time. To make the tour more fun, be sure to schedule something for after you’re done touring houses. Have dinner in one of Smyrna’s restaurants or do something else that gives you an excuse to unwind and explore the town.




Your Realtor Will Help


Most people do tour homes before they get a Realtor, but you don’t have to do things in that order. If you’re at the very beginning phases of shopping for a home, contact a Realtor and they’ll take you on a tour of Smyrna properties to give you some idea of what’s out there. Touring with a Realtor is, by far, the most efficient and time-saving way to view properties, as they can narrow down the inventory to what's most likely to suit your needs.


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April 19, 2019

Home Showing Checklist



If you’re selling your house in Smyrna, your Realtor will let you know about showings, how best to schedule and accommodate them, and how to make your house look its best when people take a walk through. Before each showing, however, if you’re occupying the property while it’s on the market, you’ll want to take care of the following items before each interested buyer comes over.




Minimize Distractions


Turn off your television, radio, and computers. Where computers are concerned, this is also about security, so be sure to shut everything down before people come to the house, whether you’ll be there or not. If you have portable devices or laptops in the house, be sure to stash them before people come over.




Put out Clean Towels


In the kitchen and bathrooms, make sure that any towels are clean and dry. To make sure the people viewing your home don’t end up seeing your dirty towels laying around, keep a clean set in a drawer and hang them before the visitors come by. Even if your house is very clean, dirty dishtowels and hand towels make it look unpleasant.




Make the Beds


It seems obvious but it’s easy to forget: make all the beds in the house before visitors come by. Check the bedrooms for clutter or clothing left laying around, as well.




Take Out the Trash


Empty trash cans are best when you’re showing your home. Particularly with spring and summer coming up, trash can start to stink very quickly, so be sure to take yours out before visitors come over, even if there’s very little in the bag.




Make it Bright


Open up all your drapes and shades and turn on all your lights. There shouldn't be any part of your home that’s dimly lit when visitors come by. Natural light is best, of course, but use tabletop and floor lamps to brighten up any dark spaces in the home.




Sweep and Vacuum


This should be among the last things you do before anyone comes over to view the home. It’s a good idea to clean up the floors after visitors come by, as well. Even if they’re very contentious, most people will track in a bit of dirt here and there, and it builds up fast.




Be Available!


We will use showings and open houses as ways to get your house in Smyrna sold quickly, so be available to your Realtor so you can schedule showings.



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April 15, 2019

Easy Potted Plants for Your Porch




Spring is upon us and that means two things: the real estate market will be picking up for the spring and summer seasons; and, increasing the curb appeal of your home is more important than ever.




When people peruse pictures of houses on the Internet or drive through neighborhoods looking for properties in the winter, they might be a bit more forgiving about the yard not looking vibrant. When spring comes around, however, it’s more vital—and much easier than it is in the winter—to make your house look great from the street. If you’re not interested in having sophisticated landscaping done at your property but want to dress up the porch and sidewalk with some flowering and other types of plants, here are some suggestions to make that endeavor as easy as possible.






Ferns are easy to keep healthy and they like shade, so consider putting some out if you have a shady porch that could use a bit of dressing up. Better yet, if your Realtor is having someone stage your home professionally, ask them where the plant will look good.






Marigolds are bright, sun-loving plants that are very easy to maintain. Where flowers are concerned, they give you a lot of colorful flowers for minimum effort and gardening knowledge. You can pick up pre-planted pots of marigolds at some stores, so keep an eye out for them if your porch is sun-drenched and you want to make it more inviting.






Gardenias require a bit more care than some other flowers, but they’re very popular and not particularly hard to keep thriving. These do require a larger pot, however, so be sure to check for adequate space on your porch before you pick up any of these.






Geraniums like well-drained soil and full sun, but not too much of the latter. These are hardy plants and, if they do stop blooming, this can oftentimes be remedied by providing them with a bit of shade in the afternoon. There are many different species of geraniums, so options abound.




Getting Assistance with Curb Appeal


We are experts at presenting houses, so be sure to ask yours if you’re not sure how to make your Smyrna property stand out. In many cases, just a few small touches here and there will make a house look much more attractive to potential buyers.


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