If you’re looking to get a mortgage this November, you’ll be glad to know that rates aren’t expected to go up over the course of this month. There are options for those who want to buy this November and who don’t have excellent credit, as well, so this holiday season might be a good time to start looking for financing for Smyrna property.

Mortgage Loan Rates

Mortgage loan rates are low right now and they have been for some time. In fact, they’re lower than they’ve been ninety percent of the time since the early 1970s. Thus far, the high point for mortgage interest rates in 2017 has been 4.3%, which is still very low.

Things to Consider

Because interest rates are holding below 4%, it’s still a good time to consider buying. Any money you can save on financing your home is always a good thing, after all and, if rates are going to go up, it’ll only be harder to finance a home in the future.

That doesn’t mean you have to buy in a rush, but if you’ve been looking at Smyrna property, anyway, getting financing while the rates are low makes sense.

Getting the Best Rates

Everyone knows to check their credit before they apply for a mortgage and, even if you have recently, it’s not a bad idea to take a second look. A lot of people had their identities leaked recently, so it’s doubly important to keep a close eye on your credit while you’re looking for a house. A credit monitoring agency might be worth the money, but that decision is ultimately up to you.

If you haven’t even started on financing yet, remember you don’t have to have a mortgage set up before you walk into a Realtor’s office. After all, if you haven’t seriously prepared to buy yet, you’re probably still figuring out your price range and all the other variables that go into finding the perfect home, and we can help with all of that.


You can look at getting pre-qualified for lending, as well, which can help you figure out a realistic price range. The holiday season is almost here and it’s not the busiest season of the year for real estate, but it definitely has some advantages that other times of year do not. Between the rates remaining low all year and not knowing what the new year will bring, there are good reasons to consider finding lending sooner rather than later.