No matter what the season, curb appeal is integral to getting your Smyrna property noticed by potential buyers. Winter can make curb appeal a bit difficult to maintain. Gardens are dormant for the season; lawns look less impressive: a lot of the ways you make your house more attractive in the summer simply aren’t options in the winter, but here are some tips to help you maximize the curb appeal of your home during the winter.




Removing Clutter Always Helps


Cleanliness works any time of year. Because leaves and other debris tend to be more of a problem during the winter than during the summer, take the time to clean up your sidewalk and porch every day so they look their best. Even if your yard is pretty barren in winter, keeping it very tidy can make it look surprisingly attractive.




If the weather happens to get bad, be sure that you keep the walkways and stairs to your house clean and safe. Be sure to read up on which deicers are safe for your sidewalk and stairs before you use any. Some can damage concrete and other surfaces, and that will obviously look bad to buyers.




Add Some Color


Even after the holidays have ended, keep your front door and porch colorful. You don’t want to leave holiday decorations up, of course, but adding a few classy decorations here and there can really make the space seem more inviting.




Leave the Lights On


If you’re showing your house, even during the day, you should have all your lights on. In the winter, lit up windows make the property seem more attractive and inviting from the outside—if you don’t believe this, just think for a moment about how uninviting a dark house is—and the goal of keeping your curb appeal high is really just to get people to pull over and look more closely at the property. The more lit up it is, the more likely they are to notice. Remember to keep the porch lights on, as well, for both curb appeal and safety.




Keep it Maintained!


The most useful curb appeal tip, for any time of year, is to simply maintain your porch and yard. Even though it gets dark early this time of year, and people may even want to schedule showings after nightfall, what people see when they drive by your house, to a significant degree, is a deciding factor in whether they’ll take the next step and ask to schedule a showing. Keep your property tidy, lit up, ask your Realtor for help when you need it, and many buyers are sure to find it inviting.