Between the strong economy and having plenty of attractions, the Atlanta area is very popular with millennials. Millennials are, broadly, between 18 and 36 years of age and, given that many of them are just starting out in their adult years, they constitute a large portion of first time home buyers.

What are those homebuyers looking for? It turns out that some of the things they want out of a house might surprise you.

Space for a Four-Legged Friend

According to a survey conducted for SunTrust Mortgage, a full third of millennials want their first house because they want more space for their dog. For previous generations, that might have seemed like an unimportant reason to buy a home but, for today’s generation, pets matter and providing pets with a proper space with plenty of room to run and play—such as a nice backyard—is a big deal.

Smyrna real estate includes many properties with spacious yards that should make any dog happy and, combined with having plenty of price options; it’s a good place for millennials to look for a house suitable for a family; including families that count dogs among their members.

Choosing a Dog-Friendly Property

Dogs need space to move. They’re smart, curious creatures and, thus, they’ll get bored and miserable if they’re cooped up inside all the time or if they’re out on a chain. For canines, the best possible living situation is one that includes a yard.

When you’re looking at properties, be sure you let us know that pet friendliness is important to you. Realtors will be able to balance your price range with your needs and, if having a yard means more to you than having an extra bedroom or having a property you can flip in a few years, they’ll certainly be able to find you something suitable.

Check the City Requirements


Remember that you’ll have to take into account licensing and, possibly, additional vaccinations and other pet necessities when you move to a new city. You’ll also want to take into consideration whether or not the neighborhood you’re moving into is likely to be friendly to dogs. Homes with already-existing pet-friendly modifications—such as a fence around the yard—might be perfect for you and your pet, and your Realtor can certainly help you find them!