Whether you just bought property or are selling a home in Smyrna, late summer is a good time to take care of some maintenance tasks that become necessary after the hottest months. Here are some of the things you can do to make your home more attractive to buyers and, of course, to make it more pleasant to live in, if you’ve just moved in.

Change the A/C Filter

Smyrna can get pretty hot in the summer and that means that your A/C has probably been working hard for the last couple of months. August is a good time to change out the filter. It’ll freshen up the house a bit and make your A/C unit run more efficiently, so there’s no downside to doing this. Because Georgia does have a pleasant climate, you’re likely to be using the A/C at least a few days each week for the coming months, so a new filter is a great idea, now that the heaviest A/C time of year is over.

Check Vents and Fans

Your home most likely has exhaust or intake fans, at least in the bathroom. It’s a lot easier to clean these out in the summer than it is in the winter. Go ahead and clean out any fans and filters in the house. Doing so insures that they’re clean when the winter heating season arrives and you really need them to be efficient, since the house will be closed up.

Speaking of Closing Up the House

August is a great time to check your windows and doors for leaks. It’s far better to find out you need repairs during the warmer months than it is during the winter, when repairs might need to be done urgently to keep cold air out.

You can check for drafts by holding a candle near the windows or check the frames to see if light is leaking through at any point. Unless you have good carpentry skills, if the repair requires anything more complicated than weather stripping, hire a pro.


Since it is getting toward the fall real estate season, be sure to ask us about any improvements that might be beneficial if you’re putting your home on the market at the end of the summer or beginning of autumn. There may well be changes to the landscaping or other large features that are best done during the end of the summer and you won’t want to miss a chance to potentially drive up the value of your house!