Swimming pools are attractive home features, particularly at the higher end of the real estate market. While you’re considering what kind of improvements to make to your home before you put it on the market, remember that maintaining what you have is just as important as adding new features. As far as maintenance goes, swimming pools are demanding. Maintain them well and they’re very desirable; forget to take care of them and they’re liabilities. Here are some tips to help you keep yours in great shape as you’re showing your home.


Skim, Skim and Skim Again


There are few things that are a bigger disappointment in otherwise attractive properties than a dirty swimming pool. While you might slack on the skimming when you’re not showing the home, it’s a very bad thing to overlook if you’re selling.


Get in the habit of skimming your pool before every showing. If anything manages to start growing on the sides of the pool, scrub it. You might be able to overlook those stains and spots, but anyone looking at your home as an investment is going to see them as detracting from the house.


Keep Up with Treating the Water


Chemical levels in pools are tricky. Too low and the pool might become contaminated but, if the chemical levels get too high, the pool water might become an irritant.


Make sure you test your pool’s water once a week at least. If you can’t seem to get the chemical levels right, hire an expert and get their assistance to straighten things out. If the water looks dirty, it’s going to make your house look poorly maintained, even if the rest of the property is pristine. If the chemical levels are too high, some people are going to notice that just walking by and it might give them the sense that the pool is a problem rather than a desirable feature.


Repair as Needed


Check the surfaces next to the pool. If there are cracks in the concrete or other surfaces, have them repaired. If the area near the pool is dangerous—prone to becoming slippery, in other words—have the issue addressed by a professional. The last thing you want is to have people take a spill while touring your home, so make sure it’s safe and well-maintained in every regard.


If you’re not sure who to call for help, ask us. They’ll usually have access to reliable professionals who can help fix any issues with your pool.