Since it’s getting close to 2018, you can be absolutely certain that you’ll find plenty of articles on the Internet about the hot new home trends for the coming year. In quite a few cases, making your home trendier is given as real estate selling advice and, in fact, updating your house is good advice, in some cases.


Then again, redoing the interior design in your home isn’t a small undertaking and, if you want to put your property on the Smyrna real estate market anyway, you might not want to take on a huge renovation project, as well. The good news is, following all the current trends might not really involve as much work as you think and, with the assistance of us, you can market your home effectively, even if it looks a bit dated.


You Don’t Need the Latest Colors


Just about every article about home decorating trends will include information about what the most popular colors for the year are going to be. If you’re moving into Smyrna real estate that you just purchased, those articles might actually be useful for helping decorate your home. If you’re selling your Smyrna real estate, however, remember that you can always go with the old standby and just use neutral colors throughout the house if it needs repainting.


The idea behind painting with neutral colors is that they allow a buyer to imagine any wall color they want in place of the neutral shades. That visualization is a bit harder to do if the color choice in a room is very dramatic, so there are always advantages to sticking with neutral shades. If you don’t want to paint your entire house the most popular colors for 2018, whatever they’re going to be, just go with something as neutral as possible.


Prioritize the Big Things


Remember that cosmetic upgrades are never as attractive as functional upgrades to a home. For example, if your HVAC system isn’t working correctly, painting your living room the trendiest shade of 2018 isn’t really going to make up for that with buyers. If you do want to make some design upgrades to your home to make it a little more trendy, make sure you’re not passing over necessary upgrades and repairs that interested buyers will expect as basic conditions of purchasing a home.


Even if your home does look a bit dated, talk to a Realtor about having your property staged. Professional home stagers can make properties look great, even if they don’t conform to the latest interior design trends.