Choosing a home in Smyrna is a big decision and, like all big decisions, it’s only wisely undertaken with the best possible information. Home inspections provide you, the homebuyer, with that information. These will be arranged for by your Realtor when necessary. They protect your interests in many different ways, but here are some of the most significant.




The Roof


Roof problems can turn into repairs that cost thousands and thousands of dollars, so you want to make sure the roof on the home you’re purchasing is in acceptable shape before you sign any papers. Inspectors will look for signs of damage and leakage that can result in expensive repairs, and will make sure that equipment associated with the roof—such as the gutters—is functioning as intended.




Building Integrity


Believe it or not, you could miss major problems with the very structure of a property during a walk through. Home inspectors are trained to see problems before they fully manifest and they can save you a lot of money by doing so. Is a door frame starting to sag? Are there problems with the foundation of the home? An inspector will find out and let you know before you commit to buy.






Plumbing problems can not only involve expensive repairs to the plumbing itself, but might also result in your property being destroyed by leaks and floods. Inspectors take a close look at the plumbing system and look for signs that it’s failing, such as water-stained walls and ceilings and other issues.






Electrical problems can cost you the entire house if they’re not remedied, so inspectors check out a property’s electrical system from the mains to the outlets to the wall switches and beyond. This is a vital part of the inspection, as a home with wiring that’s not up to code is downright dangerous. Your inspector will make sure you can have every confidence in the electrical system, and that you know otherwise if that’s the case.




Your Realtor can give you more information on home inspections. Your Realtor won’t take anything for granted, so expect them to be very particular about getting all the right inspection information for any home you're interested in. This is just one way that a Realtor protects your interests and makes sure that your home in Smyrna is truly a joy to own and to live in.