If you’re selling a property in Smyrna, there are always a lot of details to attend to. When you’re cleaning up your house, it’s easy to forget those out-of-the way parts of the property that, if not properly maintained, can make a terrible impression on buyers. Your gutters are one such part of your property.




Checking the Gutters




If you’re comfortable taking care of this work yourself, cleaning your gutters usually takes no more than an afternoon, but can avert a disastrous showing. The first thing you’ll want to do is flush the gutters.




Start by removing any large collections of debris that have accumulated in the gutter. In particular, check the areas around the downspouts, as these tend to collect a lot of twigs, leaves, and other debris. Once you have the larger material out of the gutter, use a hose to flush out the gutters. You can do this by adjusting the hose nozzle to a high pressure stream and inserting it in the bottom of the downspouts. This should loosen and eliminate any debris.




If needed, remove the downspout and clean it more thoroughly on the ground, then reattach it and flush the entire system once again.




In some cases, water will pool in the gutters, which means that they likely need to have the slope adjusted. Gutters usually slope ¼ inch for every ten feet of run. If you’re comfortable adjusting the gutters yourself, this is not too difficult a task, but have a professional or a friend with the requisite skills perform the adjustment to the system if you’re not confident.




Why Bother with This?




It’s almost inevitable that, during some showings, there will be rain. If a buyer walks up to your house and sees water pouring out of the gutter system, running down the side of the house and potentially damaging the paint, siding, and other features of the property, it’s going to make a terrible impression on them. It’s one of those flaws that imply that the entire property isn’t properly maintained, and that will make potential buyers walk away.


Just remember, making your property look its best is all about the details, and your gutter system is one of those details that need to be attended to before you start showing the home.