Since so much home shopping is done online these days, real estate photography is more important than ever. In addition to tools such as virtual tours, real estate photography allows people to really envision what it must be like to be in your property and, thus, it should increase their desire to view your Smyrna property in real life.


Here are some tips to help you get the best possible real estate photos for your listings.

Use a Pro

Don’t try to skimp on advertising by hiring a non-professional photographer or taking the pics yourself. Your Realtor will already have a photographer in mind, in most cases, and that photographer will specialize in real estate photography. It’s best to just go through your Realtor on this one, as they’ll know people with the experience and equipment required to photograph houses well.

Clean Up

The little bits of clutter you don’t notice laying around your house will stand out in photos. Be sure you make several passes through your house to eliminate clutter before the photographer comes buy. Essentially, anything sitting on anything else--a pillow on a couch, a book on a table, etc.--should have been put their deliberately for effect and never have been left there accidently simply because it was missed when prepping the house.

Ask Your Realtor About Staging

That bit above about pillows on the couch and books on the table refers to staging a home. There are professional home stagers who know how to take what’s available in a room and use it to make the room look as attractive as possible. Ask your Realtor about having a home stager go through your house, particularly if you have several potential buyers coming by. Staging a Smyrna property properly can really make a difference in getting buyers interested.

Check the Lighting

Make sure you don’t have any burnt out bulbs before photo day. The photographer will probably want to use all the lighting in the house to get the most detailed possible image, so make it easy on them and check to be sure all the lighting is working. If there’s inadequate lighting in the house, the photographer will likely use their own lights to make up the difference. Be sure you have somewhere for them to plug in.

Use Common Sense

Look around your house and see if there’s anything that might be distracting in an image. Posters, items leaning in corners, cords from computer equipment, and other easily-missed items will tend to draw people’s eyes, no matter how great the room looks otherwise.



We are very good at getting photography for the properties they represent, so trust your real estate professional to help you with photographing your property in Smyrna. They definitely know how to emphasize your home’s appeal, online or in person.