The environment is always attacking concrete surfaces and, over time, the damage inevitably becomes noticeable. Particularly as winter comes to a close, you might notice new damage on your driveway surface, sidewalks, and on other concrete surfaces on your Smyrna property. If you’re experienced with concrete work or particularly gifted with DIY projects, you might want to take on the repairs yourself, but hiring a professional will likely be a better option for most homeowners.


Potential Buyers Will Notice the Damage


There’s really no way that someone viewing your home isn’t going to notice damaged concrete on your property. For anyone taking a walk through, damaged concrete is going to look like an expensive repair, and it makes your property look less attractive. In some cases, concrete can heave or develop potholes that are serious trip hazards.


Even minor damage can become a serious issue over time. Spalling, when a surface becomes pitted and flaked, is ugly when it first starts, and can result in large chunks of concrete breaking off over time. Cracks will tend to grow and sometimes spur off into entirely other fissures that can make walkways dangerous.


In short, any damage to a concrete surface is a problem, and it may become worse if it’s not addressed quickly.


DIY Concrete


There is a variety of products available on the market that homeowners can use for simple concrete repair. If you haven’t done concrete work before, be aware that it can be difficult, dirty, and it’s surprisingly precise. If you’re not one-hundred-percent certain you can handle the work yourself, it’s probably best to hire a professional to do the work for you.


Don’t try to take shortcuts with concrete work. Generally, doing so won’t fix your problem, and you’ll end up spending money you could have spent on a professional.


Hiring a Professional


Particularly for severe concrete damage, this is usually the safest option. Remember that some types of concrete—the concrete around pools, decorative concrete, etc.--might require a specialist for repairs.


Concrete work can be expensive, but it’s worth it if your surfaces are in bad repair. Cracked and heaving sidewalks detract from a property’s curb appeal, and they give potential buyers the sense that the property hasn’t been maintained, even before they get through the door.


If there are other improvements from which your Smyrna property would benefit that entail a lot of complex and hard work to fix, talk to us about professionals in the area.