When July comes around, fireworks are sure to follow. For dogs, fireworks can be terrifying. If you’ve purchased a new house in Smyrna that doesn’t have fence around the perimeter of the yard, fireworks can be hazards for your dog, in that they might cause your dog to panic and run off. Here are some things you can do to prevent that from happening.


Know the Symptoms


Your dog might be aware of fireworks going off in the area long before you are. Their hearing is much more sensitive than human hearing, so look for the following signs of anxiety before you let them out:




?       Salivation


?       Panting


?       Hiding or trying to hide


?       Clinginess


?       Urinating or defecating in the house


?       Shaking


?       Restlessness


?       Barking for no reason




These symptoms, in the context of the time of year when people are letting off fireworks, likely mean that your dog is hearing fireworks that you cannot. If you have to let your dog out, go out with them and keep an eye on them. Better yet, take them for a walk so that they can patrol their territory and verify that everything is alright.


Be Careful if You Go Out


If you go out on the Fourth of July, make sure your four-legged friends are secure at home. While fences will keep dogs safely within the bounds of your yard on most occasions, don’t underestimate how high a panicked dog can jump or climb. It’s best to leave your dogs in the house if you go out to celebrate this Fourth of July.


If Necessary, Take Your Dog on a Trip


If you have a dog that’s particularly scared by fireworks, it might be best to take them for a ride during the big fireworks shows. The noise of the car and the fun of taking a ride will generally distract them, and they’ll be much calmer and happier as a result.




If you’re an animal lover and need a home in Smyrna that’s pet friendly, be sure to let your Realtor know about that concern. They can help you find properties with the amenities you need to keep your pets happy and safe. We know when houses come on the market before anyone else does, in most cases, so they’ll certainly keep an eye out for you to see if something suitable for your and your furry friend’s needs becomes available.