Not everyone will be able to perform significant upgrades to their home before they put it on the market. If you’re thinking of putting your Smyrna property up for sale, don’t be discouraged if your home doesn’t have a lot of the big selling points, including upgrades, that many real estate sites recommend. There might be hidden appeal to your home that you haven’t even considered. See if your home has any of the following attributes that you might not think of as selling points or, if you want expert advice on your property, have a us come view the home to give you specific information.


Wide Hallways Have Real Appeal


Believe it or not, some people genuinely need wider hallways in a house. People who use wheelchairs or have mobility issues, for instance, oftentimes prefer that homes have wider hallways, as it makes it easier to get around. Parents of young children oftentimes prefer wider hallways, as well. The extra space can provide a little bit of extra storage, and it’s much easier to get a stroller down a wide hallway and out the door than it is to try to navigate it through a cramped house.


No Stairs Is Sometimes an Advantage


This is an attribute that clearly is advantageous for people with mobility issues, but some people simply do not want any kind of stairway in their home. They may have smaller children and not want stairways because of safety concerns, or they just might find multilevel houses or rooms that are built at different elevations to be inconvenient. Before you get too envious of your neighbor’s three-story home, which looks so much more attractive on the surface than yours, or so you think, remember that stairways and multiple levels are absolutely not what some buyers are looking for.


Limited Landscaping Can Be Very Attractive


Improving your landscaping doesn’t have to involve anything more complicated than making sure the grass and any ornamental plants are trimmed, and taking care of other maintenance tasks. You don’t have to have a professional landscaper come over and completely revamp your yard to give your house curb appeal. In fact, for some people, a wide open yard with little ornamentation or obstruction is exactly what they’re looking for. Remember that a lot of buyers might just want a big, open yard to let their kids play or, if they’re pet owners, to provide enough space for their dogs to get exercise.


Always remember that your house might have a lot more appeal than you think. If you want to put it on the market but it doesn’t seem to stack up to the rest of the properties in Smyrna, make sure you ask a Realtor. Some of the attributes of your home that you consider to be drawbacks might actually be attractive to some buyers.