The summer is more than halfway over and, if you’re shopping for a home, that might mean you’re feeling a sense of urgency. You don’t have to feel pressured. In fact, while summer in general is the busiest time for the real estate market in most parts of the country, you’ll find that Smyrna’s real estate market has real advantages for those who don’t end up making a decision until late in the season.

Patience Is a Virtue

If you’ve been searching Smyrna real estate for some time and haven’t been having luck, things may well be about to get better for you. During the late summer months, sellers are more likely to start offering price reductions on their properties. This gives you more leverage as a buyer, of course, and might bring otherwise unaffordable homes into your price range. Why do sellers offer price reductions around the end of summer? There are quite a few reasons, actually, and they have to do with the advantages of the summer real estate season coming to an end.

The Market Gets More Flooded

Sellers often start out in the summer optimistic that they’ll sell their Smyrna real estate very quickly. Sometimes, things do work out that way but, as the summer wears on, there gets to be a larger inventory, giving buyers something of an advantage where getting good deals is concerned. What’s the rush? That, just like the price cuts, has to do with several factors.

Back to School!

A lot of people who are relocating and who have children are in something of a rush to get out of their old house and into their new house before the school season starts. That puts some pressure on them to be more open-minded to negotiating the price and other aspects of their home sale. Your Realtor can help you with negotiating and, just as importantly, with finding homes that have been on the market for long enough that their sellers are likely to be very motivated.

Maintaining Two Properties

Homeowners whose properties haven’t sold sometimes end up paying for two properties, and that can be a serious financial burden. For them, it might be worth it to take a bit less money for the sale in exchange for parting with the financial obligation of having two properties.


Don’t get rushed just because it’s late summer and you haven’t found a property. If you really need to speed things up, talk to us about Smyrna real estate that might be cut in price as the season winds down.