If you’re putting your house on the market this autumn, here are the major items in your home you should check before the weather turns colder. Some major problems with homes are easier to ignore during the warm parts of the year than they are during autumn and winter, so you might not even know you have issues until you look or, worse, until your home is inspected before a sale.


Have your plumbing double-checked for leaks. They can cause significant trouble in the winter. If you have a burst or badly-leaking pipe that floods out a room, you could be looking at a very expensive repair bill and, of course, your house isn’t going to be available for showings while you’re getting the repairs done.

Check for Drafts

There are quite a few different ways people do this, but be sure you check your doors and windows for drafts. If you find spots where the outside air is leaking in, get them fixed ASAP. If you find a spot that’s drafty but can’t figure out where the problem is, hold a candle near the suspect area and see when the flame flickers to locate the leak.

Winterize Your AC

Some AC units will need to be drained of water at the end of the cooling season. You should also visually inspect the unit to see if anything is obviously wrong. Ideally, have an HVAC professional come over and service the unit and get it ready for winter to ensure there aren’t any issues that might turn potential buyers away.

While the HVAC People Are There…

The same people who winterize your AC can inspect your furnace, in all likelihood, so have them take care of that, too. They’ll check for leaks, change filters if needed and can check your thermostat for issues, as well. If you’re showing your home during the winter, you’ll want to make sure it’s cozy inside.

Check Your Outdoor Lighting

It gets dark this time of year, so be sure any lighting you have on the exterior of the house is functioning correctly, and change any bulbs if they’re burnt out. Not only does this make the home look properly maintained, it makes it safer if people are coming to the house to view it after dark.


We can give you other ideas about how to get your house show ready!