If you’re trying to maximize the selling price of your Smyrna property, you’ve most certainly already taken into consideration big-ticket items like plumbing and electrical, HVAC, and other house systems. There are much smaller issues with homes that can turn buyers away, even if they’re initially very interested in your property.

If you’re putting your Smyrna home on the market, here are some problems with your house you should address, and may have overlooked, since they’re not necessarily major issues. In fact, you might be able to fix some of these issues on your own.

Stained, Cracked Bathroom Caulking

Check around your bathtub, sink, toilet and other bathroom fixtures for caulking that’s gotten discolored or that’s worn away from the cracks it’s supposed to seal. This isn’t a problem that’s hard to fix but, if it’s not addressed, it can make a bathroom that’s very attractive look dirty and neglected.

Repairing this particular issue may well cost you less than $20, so it’s worth addressing if you’re up to the work. If not, anyone with basic home improvement skills can handle this.

Dirty Window Sills, Room Entrances

These are two areas where dust collects quickly and where homeowners seldom even notice it. Dust off these areas and give them a thorough washing down with soap and water. You might want to consider repainting your window sills if they’ve gotten very dirty. You might have stopped paying attention to these areas of your home, particularly in little-used rooms, but the dust and dirt will be quite noticeable to anyone touring your home.

Dirty Floors Near and Under Appliances

If there ever was a good excuse to pull out your appliances and clean under and behind them, it’s putting your house on the market. Stoves and refrigerators tend to get a lot of debris pushed under them and a lot of liquids spilled in front of them. Clean everything until it’s spotless and, if a part of your floor is discolored from stains, you might want to go ahead and have it professionally fixed, unless you can take care of it yourself.


Your Realtor can do a walkthrough of your home and tell you what stands out to them as the strong and weak points of your Smyrna property. This is a great way to get an idea of what issues need to be addressed. Some of them might be serious problems, but many will be easy fixes that make your house much more attractive to buyers.