Autumn brings with it a lot of wonderful things. Fall colors, pleasantly cool days, the fun of Halloween: there’s a lot to like. For some people, however, the lessening amounts of daylight can make things seem dismal and dark, particularly after those fall colors have long since fallen to the ground. If you’re not a fan of the shorter days, you can make autumn a lot more fun by brightening up your living space. Of course, it doesn’t hurt if your house is a light-filled, pleasant space when you’re showing it, either!

Simplify when You Do Your Fall Cleaning

Most people like to clean up their house before the weather gets too chilly to air it out. While you’re doing this, open up the spaces as much as you can. That means removing clutter and moving furniture around a bit to create a more open space. Making your space more open usually makes it feel brighter and can cheer up a room quite a bit.

Experiment with Light Temperature

Lightbulbs have more options than you might imagine. If your interior spaces seem dark and gloomy or, alternately, if your interior lighting seems too harsh, consider trying bulbs with a different color temperature.

The light from a lower color temperature bulb has a soft, almost yellowish quality to it. In fact, such bulbs are often termed “soft white” on their packaging. You can also look for a light temperature rating of between 2,700K and 4,000K if you want a softer, mellower light.

If you really want to brighten up a room, however, consider a “daylight” bulb. The light from these bulbs is far bluer than it is from a soft white bulb and, if you go up to the highest temperatures, around 6,500K, the effect can be quite dramatic. Colors really pop under cool lights and they’re great for reading and performing other light-intensive tasks.

Changing to brighter or dimmer bulbs is also an option. The point is that, if your house seems gloomy after the sun sets, consider experimenting with your lighting to make it look more inviting.

Repaint Before it Gets Cold

A fresh coat of paint makes any room look inviting. Sometimes, doing some end-of-the-year painting is the perfect way to get your house set up for the autumn and winter. If you happen to be showing your home, having weak points like past-its-prime paint fixed is always an advantage, too, so there are at least two good reasons to consider one last burst of home improvement activity before the end of the year.


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