Autumn can be a busy season for real estate, and that means it’s more likely that people will be coming to take an in-person look at your Smyrna property. Autumn is also the season when the days become noticeably shorter and, if your house normally tends to be a bit dark, the season’s low light can make it less attractive to buyers. Here are some ways you can make your home a bit brighter without making major changes, like adding windows or light fixtures.


Add Some Mirrors


Mirrors make rooms look bigger and brighter. Attractive mirrors are available for reasonable prices, as well. You can even check second-hand stores to find great deals. Adding a few mirrors to a dark room can make it seem quite a bit brighter, particularly when you have fairly good lighting or when you can leave the drapes open during the day.


Utilize Colors


Bright colors are good remedies for dark spaces. You don’t have to go overboard with it and you certainly don’t have to repaint your walls. Adding a few brightly-colored rugs here and there, or even bright artwork, can make a room seem like a more inviting place. If you have dark flooring, in particular, a bright rug can balance it out in a very attractive way.


Light Up the Ceiling


Because it’s getting dark earlier this time of year, there’s a good chance that potential buyers will be visiting your home after sundown. One of the ways you can make up for this is by using floor and table lighting, which is inexpensive and which, when used properly, can make a room seem bigger and brighter. One trick is to point the lighting at the ceiling; there are lamp styles that lend themselves very well to this. The lit-up ceiling creates a nice, even lighting around the space, making it much more inviting.


Lights on During the Day


If someone’s coming over to see your home, be sure to turn the lights on, even if it’s during the day. Natural light through the windows really makes a home seem more inviting, but it always leaves shadows here and there. With your room lighting on, people viewing your property will be able to see it at its best and brightest.


If you need help setting up your home for a showing, Realtors are great assets. They can have your home staged for showings, so potential buyers get the best possible impression.