Marketing your Smyrna property is a complicated undertaking. One of the most important elements of getting potential buyers interested in your home is providing them with excellent images of the property. Photos, however, no matter how good they are, do have a shelf life and they need to be rotated out to ensure they’re making the right impression. Here are some reasons you might consider having new pictures of your home taken.




Changing Seasons


Your photos should always look like they were taken recently. One of the telltale signs of an old photo is scenery that is out of season. For any buyer looking at such a photo, this makes the image seem dated and, thus, like a less credible representation of the property.




If it’s July and your property photos have snow in them, or it’s December and the photos you’re using to advertise your Smyrna property feature lush, spring blooms, the viewer instantly knows that the image is old and might suspect that, at present, the house looks less attractive than it does on the photos. This is likely to dissuade buyers from visiting the property.




If your photos are out of season, re-shooting is a very good idea. The more recent your photos look, the more confidence buyers will have in how well those photos represent the property.




Major Changes to the Property




Repainted? Added a porch? Had some landscaping done? All of these are valid reasons to have your home photographed again. Oftentimes, the big changes you make to your home before you put it on the market are specifically intended to raise the price you can ask, so show off your hard work! Recent improvements to the home and property are likely to translate well to images, and you’ll want to make sure potential buyers see what you’ve done to make the property better.




After Professional Staging


If you’re vacating the property before you sell it, having your home staged by a professional is a great way to make sure it looks its best for buyers. These professionals set up your Smyrna property in a way that makes it look inviting, worth the money being asked, and downright classy, so you’ll want to show this off in images. If you’re having your home staged, go ahead and have photos taken after. Your property will certainly look its best after stagers go through, and you can increase the value of their services by showing them off in your images.




We can help you arrange for professional photos of your home and will make sure those images are used to their best effect in your advertising.