If you’re shopping for property in Smyrna and you also happen to be a participant in the run, you might be wondering where you can run in Smyrna. The good news is that there are plenty of trails in and around Smyrna, and many of them are good for walking, biking and other activities.


If you need to shave some time off your mile for this year’s 5K, or you just want to go for a casual stroll to bust stress and keep fit, here are some places to go.


Silver Comet Trail


This is currently the #1 trail on Yelp and that’s in no small part due to the fact that Silver Comet Trail is good for biking, running, or just taking a stroll. Remember that popular spots tend to be busy when people have free time—weekends, holidays, etc.—so, if you have the luxury of getting your workout in during the workweek, parking will likely be easier if you go then. The Silver Comet Trail is located on Mavell Rd. You can check out a map of the trail here.


Rottenwood Creek Trail


Located in Vinings, right next to Smyrna, the Rottenwood Creek Trail gets rave reviews; don’t let the name fool you. The trail is great for biking and offers beautiful natural surroundings. The total length is just shy of four miles and, if you happen to be training for a 5k like the Spring Jonquil run, that means you can get a nice, eight-mile endurance run on this trail with one complete circuit, or break it up for intervals, or whatever else your training program calls for. Of course, if you’re just out for a hike, you’ll get to enjoy a stunning Georgia landscape. You can get more info here.


I Just Want a Nearby Route


If you’re moving into a new house in Smyrna and want to know the best spots to run that don’t involve a drive, you can check out any of the many running apps out there that let people share their routes. MapMyRun is just one example, and it’s packed with routes around Smyrna.


Learn the Local Spots


If you want more information on where runners, bicyclists or casual walkers are likely to have the most fun in Smyrna, ask us. If the Georgia heat makes you more of an indoor workout fiend, be sure to ask about local gyms and other facilities.