Whether or not you’re planning on selling your house in Smyrna, summer is a great time to tackle home improvement projects. If you are thinking of selling, talk us about what kind of improvements might make your home more attractive to buyers. Some improvements are much easier to tackle in the summers, so concentrate on those during the beautiful weather that Georgians enjoy each and every summer.


Upgrade your Windows


For obvious reasons, changing out the windows in your home is much easier to handle in the summer, so take advantage of the opportunity the season presents. If you choose to do this upgrade, it’s worth it to go for high-efficiency windows. If you remain in your property in Smyrna, you’ll enjoy reduced heating and cooling bills. If you decide to sell, buyers will certainly find the upgraded windows desirable.


Energy.gov has extensive information on energy-efficient windows. Even if you’re no home improvement expert, the site can provide you with a good idea of what kinds of questions you should ask about any products you find on the market. If you’re not up to handling this particular task on your own, hire a contractor to do it for you. Energy-efficient windows are great additions to any home, but they have to be installed right for you to get the most out of them!


Add Some Shady Landscape Features


Just as energy-efficient windows can make your house more comfortable, smart landscaping can make your outdoor environment a lot more appealing when the days get hot in Smyrna. Choose plants that add shade to the yard and you’ll be able to stay outside longer without getting too much sun.


It’s important to take into consideration factors such as irrigation, soil, maintaining the landscaping and so forth. Plan ahead before you start planting and your results will be much better. Again, if you’re not sure you can handle this on your own, talk to a landscaper about having the work done. It might end up being less expensive to hire an expert than to handle these improvements by trial and error.


Check Your Weather Stripping


Weather stripping is something most people associate with keeping out the cold, but be aware that compromised seals on doors and windows might be costing you real money in higher cooling bills. Since it’s comfortable enough to have the doors and windows open this time of year, it’s the ideal time to change out old stripping for new!


A well-maintained house is always more attractive to buyers, so remember that the hard work you put in will pay off in getting more interest in your home if you put it on the market.