Showings and open houses are ways that your Realtor gives potential buyers a chance to see your Smyrna property up close. These are somewhat different types of sales events, though they have features in common, and they’re both occasions that can kick off the process of working with an interested buyer, so it’s definitely advantageous to understand how to get the most out of them.




Showings Versus Open Houses


A showing is arranged by your Realtor, when an interested party contacts the Realtor and asks them for a tour of your house. This is often the second or third step a buyer takes: first they see the listing online; they might drive by on their own to have a look or they might show up at an open house; and then they’ll contact the Realtor to schedule a showing. Your Realtor will accompany interested parties around your house; do not allow people to come through the property without your Realtor present. If you, however, want to leave the house during the showing, that’s usually preferred. It allows the potential buyer to interact with your Realtor, and your Realtor will make sure to handle all their questions and concerns professionally and ethically.




Open houses are usually held on weekends. During the open house, the Realtor will put out signage and give any interested parties a tour of the property on demand. Realtors usually do this for two or three hours on a day when there’s likely to be a lot of people touring properties. You don’t have to be home for these events and, again, it’s usually better if you’re not home while people are touring the property, so let your Realtor take some work off your shoulders and do the selling for you!




Remember, Don’t Make Commitments


When you’re selling your property in Smyrna, you should always let your Realtor handle all interactions with potential buyers. Saying the wrong thing to a potential buyer could put you in a bad negotiating position when they make an offer or, even worse, you might inadvertently make a commitment to a buyer without realizing it; a commitment you shouldn’t have made. Let your Realtor handle everything for you. Realtors know what to say and what not to say, and they also have a good sense of which of the potential buyers that tour your home are serious about and capable of purchasing your home and which ones might still be exploring lots of different options. Let Realtors do the heavy lifting where the sale of your property is concerned and help us to increase interest in your property by making it available for tours and showings.