Keeping your home open for showings during the holiday season can be challenging, but you might find it’s not quite as taxing as it first seems. Here are some things to consider if you’re deciding whether to have showings during the holidays or not.



It Might Not Be Very Busy


If your main concern is that you’ll have lots of people wanting to see your house, but few making offers, be aware that it might not even be that busy for showings over the holidays. The Smyrna real estate market never really stops, however, and people who might prefer to skip touring neighborhoods during the holidays still may be looking online at real estate listings. They might find your house among the listings and want to see it while they have time off. Thus, it’s worth it to have your home available for showings, if possible, even if there isn’t a huge amount of foot traffic. Another thing to keep in mind about the volume of traffic is that the holidays can be surprising. There may end up being more buyer activity than predicted. It’s also worth remembering that you don’t need a huge volume of buyers to sell your home. You only need one buyer who wants the home and who’s willing to make an offer.  


Consider the Logistics


If you’re planning on having a lot of family over, make sure you give yourself enough time to straighten up the house before you start having showings again. To make this easier, take pictures of each room after they’ve been staged for showings. It makes it easier to put things back as they were if you decide to have people over to celebrate and the house gets into disarray. If you’re not living at the property, it’s obviously worth it to make your property available over the holiday season. While most people will likely be caught up with parties, friends, and family events, most people also have some time off this time of year, and that means they might want to take a look at what properties are available while they have the chance.



If you have other questions about accommodating showings during the holidays, just ask your Realtor. Your Realtor can help you get everything organized so that showings cause as a little disruption as possible.