It’s certainly not unreasonable that buyers will want to see your Smyrna property before they buy it. After all, for most people, home purchases are the largest purchases they will make during their lifetime. It’s also not unreasonable to be a bit nervous about letting strangers into your home. It’s natural to want to protect your personal space, even if you’re ready to move out.


Here are some tips to help you show your home without taking unreasonable risks.


Always work go through a Realtor!


Never let someone into your home without your Realtor being there. Sometimes, your Realtor might send an assistant to meet a client, but don’t show your home yourself. Realtors are very good at screening people and they know what questions to ask before they bother offering someone a showing.


If someone does ask to see your property, give them your Realtor’s number and let the Realtor handle it. Remember: even though they might not be up to something nefarious, someone who wants to see your home without your Realtor there might just be trying to get you to commit to a bad deal, so don’t handle potential buyers alone!


Lock Up Valuables


Most people touring your home are going to be honest folks looking for a house. Some, however, might not be entirely trustworthy, so it’s always good to keep valuables out of sight. The items you do not want to leave laying around include:


·         Prescriptions


·         Jewelry


·         Cash and credit cards


·         IDs


·         Papers with personal information—for example, your Social Security number—on them


·         Names of friends and relatives


·         Expensive, portable electronics


Use some common sense in this regard. If something you own could be taken out of the house without you knowing it, lock it up or hide it. Again, most people have absolutely no intention of stealing anything from your home, but better safe than sorry.


Don’t Fall for Someone Acting Offended


If you have a sign in your yard and someone knocks on the door asking to see the house, again, refer them to your Realtor. Some people might try to play on your hospitality—it is Georgia, after all—and act offended that you won’t let them see the house without setting up an appointment. Don’t fall for this. Houses are not impulse buys. If a buyer is serious, they’ll have their buyer’s agent call your seller’s agent and not letting them in yourself will not quash the deal.


We will have plenty of other good advice about staying safe and showing your home, so never be afraid to ask.