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March 27, 2019

Improving Your Garage



Certainly, if you’re planning on selling your house in Smyrna, you’ve likely put some thought into how you could make it more attractive to buyers. If you happen to have a garage, your house already has a very appealing selling feature, but you can make it much more attractive to buyers with some simple improvements. Here are some to consider.




Epoxy the Floor




Epoxy makes your garage floor look more attractive and, just as importantly, it makes it much easier to clean than a plain concrete slab. Epoxy gives your garage floor a nice luster, as well, which can brighten up the space and which can also go a long way toward making your garage look newer and more modern. You can likely tackle this project yourself but, if you have doubts, ask local painters if they’ll take on the work for you.




Add Some Lighting




A lot of garages are under lit. If yours is, you can either add more lighting fixtures or just add much brighter bulbs than you’re using now. Consider getting LED bulbs, which not only brighten up the space, but which also use a lot less electricity than traditional incandescent lights. An additional bonus of LED bulbs is that they’re plastic, rather than glass, which makes them great for garages, where light bulbs are likely to take some occasional abuse.




Add a Better Door Lock




Oddly enough, a lot of people have very low-security locks on their garage doors. Adding a deadbolt to the entry way vastly increases security. A locksmith can set up the garage locks so they use the same keys as the deadbolts on your house. If you have a window on your garage door—not the big door, the smaller door designed for people to come through—add a double-keyed deadbolt. Otherwise, a thief can just break out the window and unlock the door from the outside. Ask your locksmith if you need any additional security hardware. Cars are among the most expensive things most people own, so taking steps to improve your garage security is always worth it.




Install Motion-Activated Floodlights




When you pull up to the garage door at night, it’s always nice to have lights come on automatically, for both safety and convenience. Motion-activated lights are also effective deterrents against crime, so putting some floods above your garage door is a smart move in many ways, and it makes your garage look more modern and maintained.




If you have other questions about how you can improve your Smyrna property before putting it on the market, be sure to ask us!


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March 19, 2019

Keeping Moving Costs Down



Whether you’re moving into a house in Smyrna from within the area or from out of state, moving can be expensive. Most people will end up using a professional moving service to handle at least their bigger items. These services can be expensive, but here are some ways that you can make sure you don’t end up spending too much.




Start with a Quality Moving Business




When you start pricing out your move, you’ll find a range of different options, from companies that are very expensive to ones that are downright cheap. Keep in mind that some of the low-ball services might not be worth the money, even if you’re paying comparatively little versus a more established, expensive mover.




Pricing movers is like pricing anything else: get at least a few estimates and see which company is offering the best deal. Look for prices somewhere in the mid-range of what’s being offered. Unless you have specialty items to move—pianos, etc.--most any moving company should be able to handle your move.




Avoid Fly-By-Night Companies




Where the very low estimates are concerned, if you’re planning on using a company that charges very little compared to others, at least make sure they’re a legitimate business. You can do so by:




  • Checking for online reviews of the company
  • Verifying they have a real address, not a PO box
  • Checking with the Better Business Bureau to see if they’re listed
  • Checking for a license number if you’re moving to Smyrna from out of state




Reducing Costs




Most movers will give you a list of requirements to work with them, such as having all your items in sealed boxes, wrapping glass properly and so forth. Make sure you get this so that the move goes as quickly as possible. Ideally, unless you’re paying for the extra service, the movers shouldn’t have to pack anything when they show up; they should be able to load up their truck and go.




Finding Resources in Smyrna




We are local experts and, of course, the vast majority of their clients are moving, so asking us for assistance with finding a mover is a good idea. They’ll generally be able to give you a starting point and are likely to know the local companies, so don’t be shy about asking your real estate agent if they have any advice for your move. If you plan it well and get a good company, moving your items into your new house in Smyrna can be surprisingly easy and fast.


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March 14, 2019

Making Your Entryway Shine




If you're selling real estate in Smyrna, you’ve probably heard about curb appeal and how important it is to making a first impression on potential buyers. This is entirely true, but remember that, even though curb appeal might get someone to stop and take a look at your property, the entryway to your home is really the first look that they’ll get at the interior of your property. With that in mind, here are some ways you can make your entryway really shine for visitors.




Cut Down on Clutter




Whether you use coat hooks, a coat tree, or another means of hanging up your coats, be sure those hooks aren’t packed with coats for all seasons. Only leave up the ones you’re using and be sure that there’s plenty of room for visitors to hang their coats up before they come into the house. Giving people a way to hang up their coat while they tour the house makes them feel welcome.




Leave Space for Shoes




Particularly if you want people to remove their shoes before walking through the house, you’ll want to leave an obvious spot for them to stash their footwear when they enter. Setting up a few extra welcome mats in your entryway is a great solution for this. Leave a pair of shoes on the mat so they get the hint and, if they don’t take their shoes off, visitors will at least have a place to clean the soles before walking through the house.




Make Sure There’s Plenty of Lighting




There are few things more off putting for someone viewing a house than walking immediately into a dark space. Even during the day, leave the lights on in your entryway. It makes the house look cheerier and more inviting.




Clean Up After Every Showing




Even when people do take their shoes off, there’s likely to be a bit of mud and debris left in the entryway when they leave. Be sure to clean this up after every showing. Cleanliness is one of the most important factors in making a good impression on buyers. You don’t have to follow visitors around with a broom, but you should have one handy for when they leave.




We can help you stage your home to make it as attractive as possible to people interested in a showing. If you’re at a loss about how to do it yourself, ask your Realtor for assistance.


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March 11, 2019

Buying Property in Smyrna with Family



Some home buyers might choose to get a property in Smyrna with members of their extended family, which will likely require a bit more research in order to find a good option. If you’re considering this route, here are some things to keep in mind about what makes a property suitable for a family that includes grandparents or other extended relations.




Size Is the First Consideration




If you’re moving into a property with more than two adults, you’ll want to make sure that there’s adequate space. No matter how close a family is, it’s always good to have extra room so that everyone has the ability to get some alone time now and then.




The most obvious solution to this need is to get a very large house, but there are other ways to work this, as well. You might, for instance, look for a property that would be easy to add onto in the future. If you’re planning on adding a separate dwelling space to the property, make sure you look for real estate that includes a large lot, and check with the city to make sure that adding to that property would be allowed.




If Your Relatives Are Older




Some extended families might choose to get a house in Smyrna together if some members of the family are older and require some level of care giving from other family members. If you’re planning on this, make sure the property you choose has the modifications required to accommodate someone who might find common household features challenging. For instance, you’ll want to make sure that any property you're interested in has a bedroom on the ground floor for family members who might find stairs to be difficult, or even dangerous. Some properties have modifications such as lowered counters and cabinets to accommodate those who use wheelchairs and other assistive devices. Ask your Realtor if you need any such accommodations.




Research with Your Realtor




We will be the best asset you have in finding a suitable property in Smyrna. If you need something special, whether that’s a very large house, a house that has no stairways, or other accommodations, just ask your Realtor. One of the ways that Realtors help their clients is by doing research and keeping their eye on the market so that, when a property that suits a family that needs something very specific becomes available, the buyers will know right away and will be able to take a look at the property.


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March 5, 2019

Mortgage Rates for March 2019




While mortgage applications dipped a bit in number during February of 2019, favorable economic indicators, along with lowering rates, may increase mortgage activity during March of 2019, good news for home buyers and sellers alike.




Rates have Dropped




During February, 30-year-fixed mortgage rates went down a bit, hovering back near 4.5 percent. At the same time, 15-year-fixed-rate mortgages went up and adjustable-rate mortgages went down. The total number of mortgage applications fell during January, as did refinance activity.




There was also evidence that home sellers are more interested in moving their properties quickly, with the average nationwide asking price going down in January. Economic experts are optimistic about this, as job numbers remain good and wages have gone up a bit; good news for those who have a home on the market.




Experts say that one area to watch is the homes that first-time buyers tend to gravitate toward. If you’re looking for your first property in Smyrna, expect the market for first-time buyers to be good. Even when the housing market starts the year a bit slow, as it did this year, those trends aren’t universally felt across all markets.




What About the Smyrna Real Estate Market?




The Smyrna real estate market has fared well in many regards. Median home prices have shown a six-percent rise year to year, the community has good schools, and a high percentage of homeowners versus renters. Smyrna also has a high percentage of residents with a college education; nearly sixty percent. These and other factors have consistently made it a popular place for home buyers.




When you’re looking for a property in Smyrna to call your own, remember that current local market information, and even current information on properties adjacent to the one you’re interested in purchasing, might be far more important than information regarding the national trends in real estate, mortgage rates, or other factors that affect those looking for a home.




Your Realtor is able to provide you with a range of tools to help get the best deal on the property you want, including detailed market analysis and more. If you’re truly worried about the real estate market nationwide, statewide, or at another, larger scale, ask your Realtor how those trends have affected the Smyrna real estate market. Your Realtor is, by far, the best source of information on local trends.


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March 1, 2019

March Events for Smyrna, GA




Looking for something to do in Smyrna? You won’t have a hard time finding plenty of diversions within the community and the surrounding area. If you want more information on what there is to do in and around Smyrna, be sure to ask us! We have plenty of ideas for you and your family.




Live Music Fridays at McCray’s Tavern Smyrna


4500 West Village Place, Suite 2009


Smyrna, 30080


Every Friday






Had a long week checking out the great real estate available in Smyrna? Head down to one of Smyrna’s local night spots for some live music and a bit of relaxation. If you’re moving to Smyrna from out of town, it’s also a great way to meet some of the locals and get a feel for what the city has to offer after hours. This event is for adults only, of course. You can get more information by clicking here.




Marietta Mardi Gras 5K Fun Run and Walk


Marietta Square


North Park Square


Marietta, 30060


March 2




This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Marietta Mardi Gras 5K Fun Run and Walk. Entrance fees run from $15 - $35 and there are three events, the titular 5K, along with a 1K and a Tot Trot for the Kids. The funds raised by the event will be given to the Junior League of Cobb-Marietta, so your run or walk registration fees will go to a good cause. If you’re planning on doing some competitive running this spring and summer, this is a great way to break the ice and get ready for the upcoming season. You can get more information by clicking here.




GSO Sensory Friendly Concert


1171 Whitlock Avenue


Marietta, 30064


March 9


2pm – 3pm




The Georgia Symphony Orchestra is putting on its fourth annual GSO Sensory Friendly Concert this month. This is a great event for people who are sensory sensitive, as it gives them a chance to experience great music in an environment that’s designed to be comfortable for them. The show runs 60 minutes total, and audience members are free to enjoy the show however they wish, even if that means getting up and doing a bit of dancing and singing during the performance. There’s a petting zoo before the performance starts, so show up early if you want to give someone a chance to interact with some friendly animals, as well. Admission is $10; you can get more information about this event by clicking here.




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Feb. 27, 2019

Making the Transition from Renter to Buyer




Making the decision to buy a home in Smyrna, if you’ve been renting your whole life, entails a lot of changes. Here are some of the things you can anticipate and some tips for navigating the harder parts of making this transition.




Learn the Terms




If you’ve decided to buy a property in Smyrna, the minute you start putting that decision into action you’ll be bombarded with terms that, in some cases, you might never have heard before. Terms such as disclosure, escrow, equity, and others will become big parts of your life. Don’t be embarrassed if you’re not sure what all of these terms mean.




The best thing to do is to simply look up such terms so you have some idea of what you’re reading or hearing. Once you start working with a Realtor, don’t hesitate to ask them to explain these things to you. Helping clients to understand the details of buying a home is a significant part of what Realtors do, both ethically and professionally, and they’ll always be happy to answer your questions.




Use Your Resources




When you’re looking for a home, you really need to learn to tap into available resources to make the process as easy as possible. Getting prequalified for a mortgage is the first step. It’s easy and fast and gives you an idea of how much you can borrow and, thus, a price range for houses.




The Internet is a tremendous resource for people looking to buy properties, and your Realtor’s site can help you narrow down the houses you’re interested in even more. Email the listings you find to your Realtor so they can follow up for you. Realtors were among the first professionals to really embrace the Internet as a way to help their clients, and the Internet services they offer will almost certainly make your search for property more efficient than you’d imagined.




Once you’re working with a Realtor, finding a property is generally not difficult at all. Make sure you always go through your Realtor; never talk to a seller directly. Send your Realtor anything that catches your eye and, when you run into a wall, ask your Realtor for an assist. Buying a property is a very complex process, but a good Smyrna Realtor will have helped many clients buy many properties, and will make it easy for you to find one that’s perfect for you.


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Feb. 22, 2019

Keeping Your Floors Clean for Showings



Having an interested party show up to take a tour of your home is always good when your property is on the market. The dirt that those interested parties track through your house, however, isn’t good at all. If you find yourself having to clean the floor far too often between showings, the following advice might help.




Make it Easy for Visitors to Clean Their Shoes




Instead of having one welcome mat at the threshold of your property, put in two, one of them just inside the door. Most people will wipe their feet before they come in, but there’s still a good chance that they’ll have mud, dirt, or snow in the treads of their shoes. Put a secondary mat right on the inside of any exterior doorways you have. This gives people a chance to wipe their shoes a second time, and a place to take them off if they’re removing them before coming into your house.




Get a Wet Mop




Wet mops with disposable pads are cheap and they’re great for quickly cleaning up dirt and debris. Pick one up and plan on using it every time people leave after a showing. The advantage here is that, if there’s another showing scheduled in short order, you don’t have to fuss with a broom and regular mop in between.




Get a Shop Vac




Shop vacs are portable, powerful, and incredibly handy when you have people walking through your home at regular intervals. Like wet mops, they’re also very quick and easy to deploy, which means you can handle the occasional mess with minimal hassle. The great thing about shop vacs is that most of them are wet-or-dry vacs, so you can vacuum up stray puddles from rain or snow that people track in.




Protect Expensive Flooring




If you have great floors in your home, consider getting good throw rugs and, if necessary, asking people to remove their shoes before touring the house. You can leave slippers out for people who might be uncomfortable walking through the house in their socks. Remember that your flooring is a selling point, so don’t let it get damaged during showings.




Your Realtor can help you handle showings at your property and all the logistics involved. Realtors can also help you find professionals who specialize in staging homes for showings so, if you really want to make sure your property shines, ask your Realtor about staging experts.


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Feb. 20, 2019

Hold Off or Move Fast? What to Do When You See the Perfect Smyrna House for Sale




For most people, their house will be the single largest purchase they ever make. Unless you decide to buy another property at some point, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever conduct a larger financial deal. Figuring out how to handle real estate deals, particularly when you find a property in Smyrna that’s perfect for your needs and, thus, is an easy property to build attachments to, is a complex undertaking, which is where Realtors come into play.




Move Fast?




If you’re looking through listings for Smyrna properties and find something that looks perfect, expect that you’ll want to move fast. In some cases, this could work out in your favor, particularly if the seller is highly motivated and you happen to be the first in line to make an offer on their house. The danger here is that, if you’re too eager, you may well end up paying too much for the property. It’s also important to realize how your own mind can sabotage your financial well-being. If you’re too obsessed with getting a property, or you’ve decided that the property is perfect based on little objective information, you might end up bidding on your dreams, plans, and ideas rather than bidding on the house itself. That is to say: when you get excited about owning a property, it can be difficult to keep the clear head needed to get the best deal.




What About Holding Off?




It’s also possible to wait too long to bid on a house and, thus, to lose your chance at buying it at all. For those who haven’t conducted real estate deals before, it’s sometimes difficult to see when someone’s offering a great deal on a house and, because of that, to fail to make an offer on something truly worth owning. Playing hardball can be perilous, as well, particularly if you’re not a skilled negotiator. Homeowners aren’t always all that motivated to sell and, if you’re trying to get too much out of them, they very well may decide to keep the house and stop taking offers, or they may just look to another buyer who isn’t trying to push so much.




What to Do?




The best bet for getting a good deal on Smyrna real estate is to work with a Realtor. They’re experienced at making deals with owners and they certainly know a good buy when they see it. With a Realtor helping you through the home purchasing process, you’re far less likely to miss out on a good deal, or to push a seller so much that you end up losing their interest entirely.


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Feb. 11, 2019

Before You Move In



If you’re about to or have just purchased a house in Smyrna, you’re likely to want to move in as quickly as possible. Before you make the move, however, you might want to take advantage of having the house more-or-less empty. Here are some things you might want to take care of before you move in.




Painting and Sealing




Unless you’re buying new construction, there’s a good chance your new house in Smyrna could use some attention here and there. This is entirely normal and, even when a house is in nearly perfect condition, there are always a few things that could be fixed up a bit.




If you want to paint the interior of your new home, try to give your self a few days to do so before you move in. Repainting will make the house feel more like your own from the start and, since a lot of home sellers repaint their homes in neutral colors, you might want to go with something more expressive.




While you’re painting, double check for dings in the walls, gaps around the sink and other areas that commonly need attention. If you’re particularly handy, you might want to redo the caulking in the bathroom and kitchen before you move in, so you can start off with a property that should need little maintenance in the near future. Again, these things are easier to handle before you move in, when you have plenty of room to make a mess doing this work, if need be.




Schedule Big Projects if Possible




If you want to do something major to the property—add a home theater, put in wiring, change out some windows—it’s best to schedule these jobs before you move in. The reasoning here is simple; it takes more work and time to do these jobs once you have all your possessions moved into the property.




The one area where you might want to hold off on big projects is landscaping. It’s really no more difficult to have these jobs done after you move in and, in fact, it might be easier to figure out what you want done with the yard after you’ve lived in the house for a while and had time to think about it.




If you want to get some bigger projects done before you move in, ask your Realtor for assistance in finding a professional to tackle those jobs. Your Realtor can give you information on many local resources.


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