If you’re buying or selling real estate in Smyrna, GA, you’ve no doubt heard the term “curb appeal” by now. Curb appeal refers to how attractive a house is when viewed from the street—a huge selling point, of course—and landscaping is a significant part of any Smyrna property’s curb appeal. Here are some of the trends in landscaping and related areas of home improvement for 2017.


Bringing the Inside Outside


Having a great yard where you can relax and enjoy the Georgia weather is always a good thing, and it will certainly make your home more appealing to buyers. If you want to get in on one of the latest trends, consider making the outside of your home just as inviting, and practical, as the inside.


People are getting more and more interested in landscaping that allows them to create what amounts to another room outside the home. According to Lawn and Landscape, landscaping businesses are getting more clients who want the landscapers to create kitchens and other outdoor spaces that closely resemble interior layouts, complete with seating and other features. If you want to get in on this trend, you have plenty of options. Spaces with retractable doors, cooking appliances and other features can make your yard into the best place in your neighborhood to have a cookout. It’s not the least expensive option for upgrading the landscaping at your Smyrna property, of course, but if you’re looking for the latest, greatest thing, it’s the go-to choice.


Or, Letting the Outside Just Be Itself


Quite the opposite of making your outside space more structured and akin to your interior spaces is the new trend of making gardens that are more naturalistic than the structured designs that have been popular for the last few years. This fits in perfectly with Georgia properties, as the natural beauty of the environment is allowed to define the space. Garden Design describes the look people are after as “more authentic and real” and, for Smyrna properties that need a bit of a face lift, this might be the perfect option.


Designing to Sell


Remember that what’s trendy isn’t always the best option if you’re selling a home. We understand how to balance out a distinctive look with enough neutrality so that, while homebuyers might be impressed with the look of a property’s landscaping, they can still imagine what they want to do with the space and can visualize the property with their own touch applied to the design.