For the next couple of months, it will get dark very early. If you’re selling a property in Smyrna, this might make more of a difference than you think. A lot of buyers are going to end up touring neighborhoods near the end of the day or even into the evening, and you want your house to look as inviting as possible. During the darker months of the year, that means turning on the light, and a lot of it!


If Your Property Is Vacant


If you’re not living at your property, consider putting your lights on timers. This ensures that your lights will come on well before sunset, and that your house won’t be lost in the shadows once the sun goes down. It doesn’t take much thought to understand why buyers might pass up on seeing a house that’s not lit up after dark, or that they might not even see it at all. Remember to put interior and exterior lights on timers so that the property doesn’t look vacant.


Light Up the Right Spots


Keep two things in mind about the lighting at your Smyrna property: it should make your house look more attractive; and it should keep your visitors safe. Be sure to illuminate the walkways with a flood light and make sure that any stairs are clearly visible. Ensure that your porch is brightly lit, as well, and your visitors will find the property much more inviting. It’s good too have the house lit up at night but, as you might guess, that can get a bit expensive. Replace your incandescent bulbs with LEDs, which consume less energy. LED lights are very attractive these days; the days when LED lighting was harsh and cold are long gone. If you have floods that you can redirect toward the more attractive features of the house, by all means, do so. For example, if you have a great front porch and really want buyers to see it from the road, be sure there’s plenty of light on that area, so they can see it day or night!



Make Sure You Know Buyers Are Coming

Remember that showings should only be done through your Realtor. Not only is that safer for you, it ensures that buyers don’t end up trying to find their way across a darkened yard because no one expected them to show up. Your Realtor can give you more information on how to make your house stand out in the best possible way.