Having an interested party show up to take a tour of your home is always good when your property is on the market. The dirt that those interested parties track through your house, however, isn’t good at all. If you find yourself having to clean the floor far too often between showings, the following advice might help.




Make it Easy for Visitors to Clean Their Shoes




Instead of having one welcome mat at the threshold of your property, put in two, one of them just inside the door. Most people will wipe their feet before they come in, but there’s still a good chance that they’ll have mud, dirt, or snow in the treads of their shoes. Put a secondary mat right on the inside of any exterior doorways you have. This gives people a chance to wipe their shoes a second time, and a place to take them off if they’re removing them before coming into your house.




Get a Wet Mop




Wet mops with disposable pads are cheap and they’re great for quickly cleaning up dirt and debris. Pick one up and plan on using it every time people leave after a showing. The advantage here is that, if there’s another showing scheduled in short order, you don’t have to fuss with a broom and regular mop in between.




Get a Shop Vac




Shop vacs are portable, powerful, and incredibly handy when you have people walking through your home at regular intervals. Like wet mops, they’re also very quick and easy to deploy, which means you can handle the occasional mess with minimal hassle. The great thing about shop vacs is that most of them are wet-or-dry vacs, so you can vacuum up stray puddles from rain or snow that people track in.




Protect Expensive Flooring




If you have great floors in your home, consider getting good throw rugs and, if necessary, asking people to remove their shoes before touring the house. You can leave slippers out for people who might be uncomfortable walking through the house in their socks. Remember that your flooring is a selling point, so don’t let it get damaged during showings.




Your Realtor can help you handle showings at your property and all the logistics involved. Realtors can also help you find professionals who specialize in staging homes for showings so, if you really want to make sure your property shines, ask your Realtor about staging experts.