If you’re showing Smyrna real estate this winter, you’ll want to make certain your walkways are safe for everyone who comes by. Because of ice and snow, winter is far more dangerous for slip and fall accidents than other times of year. If you’re a buyer and you’re visiting real estate in Smyrna this winter, watch out for the following hazards when you go to view a property.


A Little Information Goes a Long Way

If your property has walkway or stairway issues that are either part of the property—older properties sometimes have steeper and narrower stairs than normal—or there are issues you haven’t been able to repair before showing the property, such as cracked or uneven pavement, flag them for visitors. This might seem counterintuitive if you’re selling, but it’s better to keep everyone safe than it is to hope they’ll miss a minor walkway problem. If ice or snow covers the walkway, irregularities in the surface can be hard to see, and that might set someone up to trip and fall. If you’re visiting properties as a buyer, keep a close eye on the sidewalks and stairs if there’s snow, water, or ice.


Deal with Water Before it Freezes

If it starts snowing out, clear the pavement before it accumulates to a significant degree, and you’ll lessen the chance of having a slippery sidewalk. The faster you remove the snow, the more you reduce the chances of ice forming.


If snow and ice do accumulate, you can remove it with a shovel and, if needed, another tool to break up the ice. Sweep the last bits of snow and ice away to provide a cleared walkway for visitors. You can use a variety of different products to melt existing ice and to prevent new ice from forming—called deicers—but be sure to ask about which types are safe for your driveway and sidewalk. Some surfaces are susceptible to damage from some deicers, so be sure to ask at the store where you pick up whichever product you decide to use.


Light it Up


Remember to keep the walkways brightly lit at night during the winter. This is one of the best ways to reduce the chances of accidents! Ask us about other ways you can make your house inviting and safe for those who might be interested in making an offer!