Certainly, if you’re planning on selling your house in Smyrna, you’ve likely put some thought into how you could make it more attractive to buyers. If you happen to have a garage, your house already has a very appealing selling feature, but you can make it much more attractive to buyers with some simple improvements. Here are some to consider.




Epoxy the Floor




Epoxy makes your garage floor look more attractive and, just as importantly, it makes it much easier to clean than a plain concrete slab. Epoxy gives your garage floor a nice luster, as well, which can brighten up the space and which can also go a long way toward making your garage look newer and more modern. You can likely tackle this project yourself but, if you have doubts, ask local painters if they’ll take on the work for you.




Add Some Lighting




A lot of garages are under lit. If yours is, you can either add more lighting fixtures or just add much brighter bulbs than you’re using now. Consider getting LED bulbs, which not only brighten up the space, but which also use a lot less electricity than traditional incandescent lights. An additional bonus of LED bulbs is that they’re plastic, rather than glass, which makes them great for garages, where light bulbs are likely to take some occasional abuse.




Add a Better Door Lock




Oddly enough, a lot of people have very low-security locks on their garage doors. Adding a deadbolt to the entry way vastly increases security. A locksmith can set up the garage locks so they use the same keys as the deadbolts on your house. If you have a window on your garage door—not the big door, the smaller door designed for people to come through—add a double-keyed deadbolt. Otherwise, a thief can just break out the window and unlock the door from the outside. Ask your locksmith if you need any additional security hardware. Cars are among the most expensive things most people own, so taking steps to improve your garage security is always worth it.




Install Motion-Activated Floodlights




When you pull up to the garage door at night, it’s always nice to have lights come on automatically, for both safety and convenience. Motion-activated lights are also effective deterrents against crime, so putting some floods above your garage door is a smart move in many ways, and it makes your garage look more modern and maintained.




If you have other questions about how you can improve your Smyrna property before putting it on the market, be sure to ask us!