If you’re selling a home, you’ve probably read that summer is the biggest season for real estate. In Smyrna or anywhere else, that happens to be the truth.


Nonetheless, any time of year can be a good time to put your house up for sale, depending upon how the market’s faring at the moment. Summer, however, is really where it’s at. The extent to which that’s the case might be surprising to you.


Sales Go Up, Way Up


If you’re selling real estate in Smyrna, summer is absolutely the busiest time. Nationwide, the summer months account for around forty percent of the total homes sales in any given year. The reasons people want to put their houses on the market during the summer, clearly, aren’t due to bad information. It’s quite simply the best time to sell overall.


What Drives the Summer Market?


A lot of factors play into why summer gets so busy for real estate. One of the biggest factors is summer break. Parents with children prefer to look during the summer months, as their kids are out of school and, if they happen to find a great property to move into, their kids can start the new school year at their new school, rather than having to leave during the academic year. It’s a big deal for parents, and understandably so.


Summer itself, with its long, warm days is perfect for people who want to drive around, explore neighborhoods and the cities they’re located in. Consider that some home shoppers are even on a sort of business vacation. After all, if you’ve fallen in love with a community and want to live there, why not visit and look for a home at the same time?


Marketing Your Home


Of course, if you’re selling property in Smyrna, you want to make sure your home stands out. That’s one of the challenges with selling in summer; there’s a lot of property on the market and it might be hard to get noticed. That’s where we come in.


Good marketing ensures that the maximum amount of people who might have an interest in your home are aware that it’s available. With good marketing skills, we are able to reach out to the many people who will be looking for property this summer, make sure they’re aware of your home and get them to come by to see it. No matter how busy the market is, we can get your house noticed.