If you’re selling your house in Smyrna, your Realtor will let you know about showings, how best to schedule and accommodate them, and how to make your house look its best when people take a walk through. Before each showing, however, if you’re occupying the property while it’s on the market, you’ll want to take care of the following items before each interested buyer comes over.




Minimize Distractions


Turn off your television, radio, and computers. Where computers are concerned, this is also about security, so be sure to shut everything down before people come to the house, whether you’ll be there or not. If you have portable devices or laptops in the house, be sure to stash them before people come over.




Put out Clean Towels


In the kitchen and bathrooms, make sure that any towels are clean and dry. To make sure the people viewing your home don’t end up seeing your dirty towels laying around, keep a clean set in a drawer and hang them before the visitors come by. Even if your house is very clean, dirty dishtowels and hand towels make it look unpleasant.




Make the Beds


It seems obvious but it’s easy to forget: make all the beds in the house before visitors come by. Check the bedrooms for clutter or clothing left laying around, as well.




Take Out the Trash


Empty trash cans are best when you’re showing your home. Particularly with spring and summer coming up, trash can start to stink very quickly, so be sure to take yours out before visitors come over, even if there’s very little in the bag.




Make it Bright


Open up all your drapes and shades and turn on all your lights. There shouldn't be any part of your home that’s dimly lit when visitors come by. Natural light is best, of course, but use tabletop and floor lamps to brighten up any dark spaces in the home.




Sweep and Vacuum


This should be among the last things you do before anyone comes over to view the home. It’s a good idea to clean up the floors after visitors come by, as well. Even if they’re very contentious, most people will track in a bit of dirt here and there, and it builds up fast.




Be Available!


We will use showings and open houses as ways to get your house in Smyrna sold quickly, so be available to your Realtor so you can schedule showings.