Spring is upon us and that means two things: the real estate market will be picking up for the spring and summer seasons; and, increasing the curb appeal of your home is more important than ever.




When people peruse pictures of houses on the Internet or drive through neighborhoods looking for properties in the winter, they might be a bit more forgiving about the yard not looking vibrant. When spring comes around, however, it’s more vital—and much easier than it is in the winter—to make your house look great from the street. If you’re not interested in having sophisticated landscaping done at your property but want to dress up the porch and sidewalk with some flowering and other types of plants, here are some suggestions to make that endeavor as easy as possible.






Ferns are easy to keep healthy and they like shade, so consider putting some out if you have a shady porch that could use a bit of dressing up. Better yet, if your Realtor is having someone stage your home professionally, ask them where the plant will look good.






Marigolds are bright, sun-loving plants that are very easy to maintain. Where flowers are concerned, they give you a lot of colorful flowers for minimum effort and gardening knowledge. You can pick up pre-planted pots of marigolds at some stores, so keep an eye out for them if your porch is sun-drenched and you want to make it more inviting.






Gardenias require a bit more care than some other flowers, but they’re very popular and not particularly hard to keep thriving. These do require a larger pot, however, so be sure to check for adequate space on your porch before you pick up any of these.






Geraniums like well-drained soil and full sun, but not too much of the latter. These are hardy plants and, if they do stop blooming, this can oftentimes be remedied by providing them with a bit of shade in the afternoon. There are many different species of geraniums, so options abound.




Getting Assistance with Curb Appeal


We are experts at presenting houses, so be sure to ask yours if you’re not sure how to make your Smyrna property stand out. In many cases, just a few small touches here and there will make a house look much more attractive to potential buyers.