The Smyrna real estate market gets busy during the summer, and that means that you’re likely to have plenty of showings if your house is on the market. Unfortunately, the hot summer months can make houses stuffy and that doesn’t make the right impression on buyers. Here are some ways you can keep the air in your house fresh and clean, making the property more attractive to buyers.


If You Have AC


AC is a big advantage if you want to keep people looking at your house longer. You don’t have to blast the AC, but set it at a low enough temperature that people will feel a bit of relief getting into your nice, cool house and out of the summer heat. If you’re having a lot of showings, your AC bill might be a bit higher than normal from having people in and out of the house a lot, but it’s worth it to keep visitors comfortable enough to explore the entire house.


If You Don’t Have AC or It’s Less than Optimal


If you don’t use AC or if your AC is less powerful than you might want on the hottest summer days, you still have options that can keep the air in your house fresh and cool. First and foremost, if your house does tend to get hot, consider portable AC units for the hottest rooms.


Fans are great if you don’t have AC. While they obviously don’t have the cooling power of air conditioning, fans go a long way toward keeping the air in your house fresh by simply moving it around. If you need fans, be sure to put one in each room and the air will smell much fresher and feel cooler than it would otherwise.


Avoid Artificial Air Fresheners


There are many different natural air fresheners on the market, and they’re generally preferable to the spray fresheners you can pick up at grocery stores. Artificial air fresheners actually irritate some people’s noses, so it’s best to keep things as natural as possible. After someone goes through your house, wiping down the counters and other surfaces with a cleaner can also freshen up the air a bit, without overwhelming the next visitors with strong scents.


Keeping Your House Inviting


You can always ask your Realtor for more tips on keeping your house as attractive as possible to buyers. Showings are opportunities to make good impressions on buyers, so do everything you can to make your house inviting and comfortable.