Most people are aware that the Smyrna real estate market gets busier during the summer, but there’s more to the summer real estate season than increased foot traffic. Summer gives you an opportunity to show off your property in ways that aren’t nearly as easy in the cooler months, particularly where showing off your outdoor spaces are concerned. Here are some tips for doing that.


Know Your House’s Strengths


First and foremost, work with your Realtor to show off what your property really has to offer. Some features are obvious. A swimming pool, for instance, deserves a lot of attention, as it’s a major selling point for some buyers. There are other aspects of your house that you may not have considered as far as strengths go, however.


If you have a big yard, it’s not only good on paper, it can be great aesthetically. Consider some improvements like more sophisticated lawn maintenance, or adding some landscaping features. If you have room, setting up an area as an outdoor gathering place can be very attractive to buyers. The point is to show off the amount of space you have and, whatever you do, to make sure it’s well-maintained.


If you have a smaller lot, that has its advantages, too. Adding some landscaping features is usually inexpensive and, for buyers who really don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on a yard, a smaller, simpler yard can be a big advantage for those who want to keep down the amount of maintenance the house requires.


Furniture and Decoration


If your house has a good porch or a good yard for it, set up some furniture outside to show off the potential for an outdoor space. Work with your Realtor to figure out classy, attractive ways to stage your outdoor space, and buyers will be more likely to pull over to have a look at your house.


One of the advantages of selling your Smyrna property in the summer is just how easy it is to show off every part of the property. The yard looks its best, the deck is inviting on warm days, the advantages of having a porch really come through: summer really lets you give potential buyers a proper tour, with all the best features included. Take advantage of that and your property is likely to sell more quickly.