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Dec. 12, 2017

Home Prices Up in Smyrna Over 2017




December might have just started, but the broader trends in Smyrna real estate for the past year are already quite visible. Over the course of the last year, the Smyrna real estate market has seen a continuing trend of increasing home values, which should be good news for people who might be considering putting their homes on the market in 2018.


Another good aspect of this trend is that it has been a slow, steady one that has continued over the past three years, which means that properties haven’t gotten expensive enough to make Smyrna unaffordable for first-time buyers, or for people who are just looking for something practical to call their own.


The Numbers


Over the course of 2017, according to, the median listing price rose from $295,000 up to $324,000 by the time September’s numbers came in. The median prices for the last three months of the year aren’t available yet, but there’s been little fluctuation over the last three years in that trend. In October 2014, the median listing price was $250,000 and values have gone up in a very steady line since then.


Median days on the market declined to 48 days during the middle of 2017, but by the end of September, it had climbed back up to 66 days, the same point where it was at the beginning of 2017. Median days on the market varies from month-to-month, but the three-year trend has been for homes to spend fewer days on the market, overall.


Is it a Good Time to Buy or Sell?


Smyrna’s real estate market has seen a nice, steady increase in property value over the past three years and over the past year, as well. Right now, buyers enjoy the advantage of being able to purchase homes that are available at several different price levels, but that have shown a tendency to increase in value over time.


The overall forecasts for 2018 predict more home construction and properties continuing to appreciate in value over the course of the year, as has been the trend for several years now. If you’re looking to buy, it’s a good time. Prices aren’t so high that anyone is really priced out of the market but, at the same time, with home values predicted to continue increasing, those who are looking to invest in their first piece of Smyrna real estate are poised to do well!


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Dec. 12, 2017

How Important Is it for Your Home to Be Trendy




Since it’s getting close to 2018, you can be absolutely certain that you’ll find plenty of articles on the Internet about the hot new home trends for the coming year. In quite a few cases, making your home trendier is given as real estate selling advice and, in fact, updating your house is good advice, in some cases.


Then again, redoing the interior design in your home isn’t a small undertaking and, if you want to put your property on the Smyrna real estate market anyway, you might not want to take on a huge renovation project, as well. The good news is, following all the current trends might not really involve as much work as you think and, with the assistance of us, you can market your home effectively, even if it looks a bit dated.


You Don’t Need the Latest Colors


Just about every article about home decorating trends will include information about what the most popular colors for the year are going to be. If you’re moving into Smyrna real estate that you just purchased, those articles might actually be useful for helping decorate your home. If you’re selling your Smyrna real estate, however, remember that you can always go with the old standby and just use neutral colors throughout the house if it needs repainting.


The idea behind painting with neutral colors is that they allow a buyer to imagine any wall color they want in place of the neutral shades. That visualization is a bit harder to do if the color choice in a room is very dramatic, so there are always advantages to sticking with neutral shades. If you don’t want to paint your entire house the most popular colors for 2018, whatever they’re going to be, just go with something as neutral as possible.


Prioritize the Big Things


Remember that cosmetic upgrades are never as attractive as functional upgrades to a home. For example, if your HVAC system isn’t working correctly, painting your living room the trendiest shade of 2018 isn’t really going to make up for that with buyers. If you do want to make some design upgrades to your home to make it a little more trendy, make sure you’re not passing over necessary upgrades and repairs that interested buyers will expect as basic conditions of purchasing a home.


Even if your home does look a bit dated, talk to a Realtor about having your property staged. Professional home stagers can make properties look great, even if they don’t conform to the latest interior design trends.


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Dec. 8, 2017

When Saving Up a Down Payment Pays Off



If you’re interested in purchasing property in Smyrna but you’re still on the fence about becoming a homeowner, one of the things you can do, no matter how quickly you want to go forward with purchasing real estate, is to figure out how you can save up for the largest down payment possible. There are real advantages to doing so. In fact, compared to some of the other things you’ll need to attend to before seeking out home financing, such as improving your credit score, saving up a significant down payment has meaningful advantages.


It Might Allow You to Skip a Starter Home


First-time homebuyers are usually looking for something very affordable. While many homeowners may own more than a few homes during the course of their lives, that first purchase is almost certainly the biggest one that most first-time homeowners have ever made and, between that and most first-time homeowners just getting started out in life, the first-time buyer portion of the market really tends to concentrate on small, affordable homes.


For those first-time homebuyers who have been saving up for some time, however, that larger down payment they have might enable them to skip the starter home and move right into something a bit bigger. This is particularly good for young families with children, who can dispense with living in cramped quarters for a while until they establish themselves financially.


Having a good amount of money for a down payment can really open up new markets to you, so it’s a good idea to always be looking for ways to save up as much as you can.


You Borrow Less


This is, of course, the most obvious reason that having a significant down payment is a good idea. The easiest way to make borrowing for a home less costly is to simply borrow less money. If you can handle a good amount of the purchase price with your down payment, you’ll cut down on the amount you have to borrow, which could make you eligible for much more attractive loans than you’d get otherwise.


Buying a home is something that requires serious consideration and smart planning. If you want to know some of the other things to consider about purchasing a new property in Smyrna, get in contact with us. They can inform you about the process of buying a new property and what’s involved.


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Dec. 4, 2017

December Events in and Around Smyrna


Ugly Christmas Sweater Block Party and Movie Night, December 9, 5:30pm-8pm


Check out one of the most popular Christmas movies around, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and drag the ugliest of your ugly Christmas sweaters out for this event. This event will be held at the Twentieth Century Veterans Memorial at 2800 King Street SE, right in Smyrna. The event includes an ugliest sweater contest, a photo booth, beer and wine. You can get more information about the event by calling (678) 631 – 5540, emailing to, or by clicking here.


 “A Christmas Carol”, Multiple Performances Throughout December, 7:30pm


Head to the Alliance Theater at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre at 2800 Cobb Galleria Parkway in Atlanta to catch a performance of the Dickens classic that’s likely the most popular holiday-related drama. This performance will be offered on two nights. Ticket prices range from $21-$64. This is a big production and a holiday event that you won’t forget. There are plenty of performances over the month of December, so you don’t have to miss out, even if you have a busy schedule. You can get more information by clicking here.


Pajama Party and Movie, December 21, 2pm-5pm


This is an event for the kids, hosted by the City of Smyrna. IF you’d like to participate, all you need is a blanket and some pajamas. Show up to 200 Village Green Circle SE and treat your kids to a showing of “Polar Express.” For more information, click here.


“It’s a Wonderful Life” Movie Marathon, December 24, 1pm-7pm


You can head to the Earl and Rachel Smith Strand Theatre at 117 North Park Square in Marietta to see a showing of this holiday classic. Tickets run from $7-$8, with the lower rate applying to students, senior and military personnel. This is a family-friendly event and, if you haven’t seen It’s a Wonderful Life on a big screen before, it’s worth it. You can get more information by clicking here.


NYE Live! Atlanta, December 31-January 1, 8pm-1am


Four bars, food, music and more will be available at this New Year’s Eve event. The festivities start at 8pm and you can get a full package with admission that includes food and drinks. The biggest event of the night, of course, is the ringing in of the new year. You can watch the Times Square Ball Drop on a huge screen. Head to the Battery Atlanta at 825 Battery Avenue to take in the event. Get more information by clicking here.


If you need more local information, including events, be sure to ask us! 


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Nov. 30, 2017

Leaving Your Home Vacant During the Winter



When you have a property on the market, it’s best if people can see it in person and if they don’t have to wait when they get interested enough to ask. In fact, one of the most valuable things about The Smyrna Team is that they’re very fast to respond to interested home buyers, which increases the chances of making a sale.

To make sure that interested buyers don’t have to wait, you should consider making your house available for showings if you’re leaving town for the holidays. Your Realtor can help you set that up. On the market or not, however, there are other measures you can take to keep your house safe and sound while you’re away. Here are a few tips for those who plan on doing some travelling during the holidays.

Home Camera Systems Are Cheap and Easy to Use

There are numerous different vendors that supply easily installed camera systems that you can put up in your house. If you don’t want to alter the house—which makes sense, if you’re selling—there are cameras that you can just set in position and that only need a power connection. These cameras usually allow you to view your house on your smartphone, no matter where you are, and even to talk to pets through the camera, in some cases.

If you don’t like leaving your home, these systems can provide a lot of peace of mind for not much money.

Put Your Lights on Timers

If you have someone checking your house daily, which is ideal, or not, it’s still a good idea to put your lights on timers. They’re inexpensive and easy to use. You plug your lamps into the timer and, at whatever time you select, it turns the lights on or off.

Of course, if you have smart home devices, you might have options that are better than timers.

Have Someone Get Your Mail

People tend to forget this, but make sure someone cleans your mail out of your mailbox on a daily basis. Mailboxes stuffed full of letters and flyers announce that the owners are gone. While that has obvious implications for home safety, vacant houses can be less attractive to buyers, as well, so making sure your house feels warm, lived in, and maintained is always worth it.


We can help arrange showings, of course and, because they deal with unattended properties all the time, they’re trustworthy. Even if you want to take some time away from home this holiday season, it doesn’t mean that your Smyrna real estate won’t be available to show for those who are really interested.

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Nov. 15, 2017

Safety Inside and Out: Preparing for Winter Showings


If you’ve got your property in Smyrna on the market, don’t expect too much of a slowdown in showings around the holidays. While it’s true that a lot of people will be away or busy celebrating, a fair number might also show up in Smyrna looking for properties, and you’ll want to have your house ready to accommodate showings, if necessary.

This time of year, even without the holidays involved, is a bit more complicated than summer. You’ll have to pay particular attention to the areas where people are likely to be walking around to make sure everyone’s safe and to make sure your house doesn’t get dirty from people coming through it.

Keep it Safe Outside!

Smyrna generally has nice weather, but storms can and do happen. Be sure you’re ready for them. It’s particularly important to watch out for ice and snow build up.

Keep walkways clear of any ice and snow. If it’s building up outside and you have people coming to see the property, be sure to clear off the sidewalks and stairs regularly. Remember that some people have a hard time dealing with slip and fall hazards due to age or a physical condition, so keep that in mind when you’re assessing the condition of your walkways.

You’ll also want to turn on outdoor lighting when people come by. It gets dark early this time of year and not only do you want people to see as much of your house as possible, you want to make sure they’re safe walking around.

Inside, Protect Your Floors

During the winter, people tend to wear bigger, heavier boots and, in particular, boots with treads that can track in a lot of dirt and debris. Plan on sweeping and vacuuming up after visitors when they leave. If your visitors are going onto carpeted areas, it’s not inappropriate to ask them to take off their shoes. After all, the last thing you need when you’re showing your home is a tracked-up carpet.

Your Realtor can help you get ready for visitors, so don’t feel overwhelmed if you’ve never shown a home before. Your Realtor will handle the walkthroughs and visitor’s questions. There are even professional home stagers who can set your home up to look as attractive as possible for potential buyers.


If you have questions about setting up showings and how you can accommodate home buyers, even if you have a busy schedule, talk to us.

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Nov. 7, 2017

Mortgage Rates and More for November 2017



If you’re looking to get a mortgage this November, you’ll be glad to know that rates aren’t expected to go up over the course of this month. There are options for those who want to buy this November and who don’t have excellent credit, as well, so this holiday season might be a good time to start looking for financing for Smyrna property.

Mortgage Loan Rates

Mortgage loan rates are low right now and they have been for some time. In fact, they’re lower than they’ve been ninety percent of the time since the early 1970s. Thus far, the high point for mortgage interest rates in 2017 has been 4.3%, which is still very low.

Things to Consider

Because interest rates are holding below 4%, it’s still a good time to consider buying. Any money you can save on financing your home is always a good thing, after all and, if rates are going to go up, it’ll only be harder to finance a home in the future.

That doesn’t mean you have to buy in a rush, but if you’ve been looking at Smyrna property, anyway, getting financing while the rates are low makes sense.

Getting the Best Rates

Everyone knows to check their credit before they apply for a mortgage and, even if you have recently, it’s not a bad idea to take a second look. A lot of people had their identities leaked recently, so it’s doubly important to keep a close eye on your credit while you’re looking for a house. A credit monitoring agency might be worth the money, but that decision is ultimately up to you.

If you haven’t even started on financing yet, remember you don’t have to have a mortgage set up before you walk into a Realtor’s office. After all, if you haven’t seriously prepared to buy yet, you’re probably still figuring out your price range and all the other variables that go into finding the perfect home, and we can help with all of that.


You can look at getting pre-qualified for lending, as well, which can help you figure out a realistic price range. The holiday season is almost here and it’s not the busiest season of the year for real estate, but it definitely has some advantages that other times of year do not. Between the rates remaining low all year and not knowing what the new year will bring, there are good reasons to consider finding lending sooner rather than later.

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Nov. 2, 2017

Protecting Your Credit During the Holidays


During the holidays, there are two primary threats to your credit: identity thieves, for whom you always have to be wary; and you. Dealing with the first usually involves a professional service. For your part, exercising control during this time of year is important if you’re shopping for real estate in Smyrna.

First, the Outside Threat

There’s a lot of anxiety about identity theft right now and it’s legitimate, given that more than 140 million people had their sensitive personal information leaked when Equifax had their data breach over the summer. You can check Equifax’s site for options, the FTC, or check with other resources to see what you can do to protect yourself, but don’t think that you don’t have any options at all, because you do.

Credit monitoring is a good idea if you’re planning on making a big purchase and, for most people, the biggest purchase they’ll ever make in their lives is real estate. Credit monitoring services monitor your accounts for suspicious activity and, if they detect something, they’ll report it to you and may take other actions, according to the terms of your service.

If you don’t have a credit monitoring service and haven’t checked your credit report recently, consider getting a copy of your report from all three bureaus and look for anything suspicious.

Second, You

The holidays are a time when there are countless invitations to splurge. People like to go out, eat at nice restaurants, travel to visit family, buy gifts, and more. When you’re planning on getting home financing, keep some things in mind.

·         Running up credit card balances can lower your credit score. 

·         Applying for new credit, including store credit accounts, can also lower your credit score.

This time of year, a lot of cashiers in department stores, malls, and so forth offer store credit cards to customers. If possible, avoid taking these. The better your credit score is, the better deal you’ll get on mortgage lending in most cases, so protect your credit score and avoid taking these offers if you can.


Getting pre-qualified for a mortgage is a great idea if you want to get serious about finding real estate in Smyrna. It helps set your price range but, almost as importantly this time of year, it gives you a reason to check your credit, which is always a good idea. Spending during the holidays can be a lot of fun but, if you’re home shopping, be sensible and hold off for the thing you really want.

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Nov. 2, 2017

November Events In and Around Smyrna


Whether you’re in Smyrna looking for property or just visiting, here are some things to do during November!

Culinary Passport Atlanta

November 2, 7pm-11pm

If you’re a foodie, it’s worth the drive into Atlanta to take in this event. It’s being held at The Stave Room, located at 199 Armour Drive Northeast. The focus of the festival is food from around the world. There are ten different restaurants that will be participating and you can watch the talented chefs cook their specialty dishes right in front of you. Craft beer, wine, and spirits will also be available. You can get more information about the event and get tickets by clicking here.

Run-Jump-Throw with Smyrna Track Club

November 5, 11am-4pm

If you have a child who’s interested in track and field or want your child to learn the basics of throwing, running and jumping, this event is for you. It’s being held by the Smyrna Track Club. It costs $5 for each child you want to participate. There will be food trucks, so you don’t have to worry about bringing lunch along. You can register for the event and get more location information by clicking here.

Shoppe Holiday Market & DIY Classes

November 10, 12pm-7pm

If you want to get the holiday season kicked off early, head to the Shoppe Holiday Market at the Cobb Galleria Centre, Two Galleria Parkway in Atlanta. The event features DIY classes and plenty of shopping. You can get some holiday shopping done and learn some new skills to help decorate your house or make your own gifts at the same time! The event will be held on November 11 from 10am until 6pm and on November 12 from 10am until 6pm, as well. You can get more information about the event by clicking here.

Ice Skating at Marietta Square

November 17, 4pm

If you want to enjoy a bit of ice skating, check out the opening of Winter Wonderland. The event is held in Marietta at Marietta Park Square. This event is the kick-off night and, if you can’t make it on the 17, keep it in mind if you want something fun to do over the holiday season. The events and attractions are open regularly throughout the week. You can get more information about skating and other events to check out this holiday season by clicking here.


If you want more information about the area and want to tour some of Smyrna’s real estate, be sure to talk to us. There’s usually quite a bit going on in and around Smyrna and Realtors are local experts, so remember to ask about attractions and events to check out while you’re looking for property in Smyrna!

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Oct. 27, 2017

Mortgage Rates During October 2017




The Fed is likely to raise interest rates in December, which means that mortgage rates will increase. This was entirely expected as the Fed starts to normalize rates in response to inflation keeping with their target, according to Kiplinger.

If you’re looking for a mortgage, there’s obviously an advantage to getting the lending you need before rates increase. However, a slight increase in rates might not end up affecting borrowers as much as some might believe.

Other Factors Might Have More Significant Impacts

The current rates on a 15- or 30-year mortgage might not be the most important factor in what kind of lending is available to you. In fact, for better or worse, your own financial actions in the past and present might have more impact on what kind of a loan you end up with.

There are some things you can do to decrease the cost of borrowing for your home. Fixing your credit score is one of them, of course, but there are other factors that you have more control over than your credit score.

For instance, if you’re working with a loan officer, make sure you have good reasons to trust them. Sometimes, good loan officers have to deliver bad news to applicants, but its’ better to work with someone ethical enough to let their clients know that a house might be out of their price range than it is to work with a lender who will recommend an expensive loan with bad terms just to get a client to sign the papers.

Avoiding those types of problems can often be accomplished by picking the right Realtor.

Good Realtors Listen to You

Have you ever had one of those experiences where you tell someone what you want, they disregard it and then tell you what you actually want? Good Realtors don’t do that. They work with clients to help those clients find a house that’s affordable for them, which is really the number one consideration in making sure you don’t end up taking out a bad loan to afford a house that’s too expensive.

Some experts are also forecasting a good market for buyers this autumn and, if that holds true, sellers might be more willing to wheel and deal, allowing you to get a better deal on your home than you might otherwise expect.


Overall, even with interest rates likely to go up, mortgage rates are still low and there’s plenty of Smyrna real estate to choose from at many different price levels.

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