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Aug. 9, 2017

Feeling Pressured by the Late Summer Real Estate Season? Don't Be!


The summer is more than halfway over and, if you’re shopping for a home, that might mean you’re feeling a sense of urgency. You don’t have to feel pressured. In fact, while summer in general is the busiest time for the real estate market in most parts of the country, you’ll find that Smyrna’s real estate market has real advantages for those who don’t end up making a decision until late in the season.

Patience Is a Virtue

If you’ve been searching Smyrna real estate for some time and haven’t been having luck, things may well be about to get better for you. During the late summer months, sellers are more likely to start offering price reductions on their properties. This gives you more leverage as a buyer, of course, and might bring otherwise unaffordable homes into your price range. Why do sellers offer price reductions around the end of summer? There are quite a few reasons, actually, and they have to do with the advantages of the summer real estate season coming to an end.

The Market Gets More Flooded

Sellers often start out in the summer optimistic that they’ll sell their Smyrna real estate very quickly. Sometimes, things do work out that way but, as the summer wears on, there gets to be a larger inventory, giving buyers something of an advantage where getting good deals is concerned. What’s the rush? That, just like the price cuts, has to do with several factors.

Back to School!

A lot of people who are relocating and who have children are in something of a rush to get out of their old house and into their new house before the school season starts. That puts some pressure on them to be more open-minded to negotiating the price and other aspects of their home sale. Your Realtor can help you with negotiating and, just as importantly, with finding homes that have been on the market for long enough that their sellers are likely to be very motivated.

Maintaining Two Properties

Homeowners whose properties haven’t sold sometimes end up paying for two properties, and that can be a serious financial burden. For them, it might be worth it to take a bit less money for the sale in exchange for parting with the financial obligation of having two properties.


Don’t get rushed just because it’s late summer and you haven’t found a property. If you really need to speed things up, talk to us about Smyrna real estate that might be cut in price as the season winds down.

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Aug. 4, 2017

August 2017 Mortgage Rates



At the beginning of the year, experts were predicting that mortgage rates would remain low throughout 2017. It’s halfway through the year now and, happily, rates have actually dropped from their already low percentages earlier in the year. For buyers with excellent credit this is great news and, for those who might have otherwise been looking at higher than average rates due to having less credit history, it’s good news, as well.

Where Rates Are Headed

There’s been a lot of good news this summer for people looking for financing. The average 30-year fixed rate mortgage dropped to 3.89 percent in June. This marked a drop of 0.12 percent compared to the rates in May.

According to The Mortgage Reports, buyers have been able to increase the cost of the borrowing they’re able to afford by approximately $10,000 for every quarter-point mortgage rates drop. In addition to people borrowing to buy a home, people refinancing their loans have been benefitting from the dropping rates. Just about every type of loan has been affected so, if you’re looking to borrow to purchase Smyrna real estate, it’s a great time to be in the market for lending.

This beneficial trend seems to be continuing as the year goes on, but buyers haven’t been waiting to see if rates go even lower. The low rates aren’t guaranteed to last, so borrowing activity has been strong among buyers.

Dealing with the Complexities of Financing

The best first step you can take if you’re shopping for real estate is to get prequalified for a loan. This isn’t a guarantee that you’ll get the money—the house you want to purchase and other factors play into that— but, based on the lender’s criteria, they can confidently give you a loan amount that you should qualify for. This makes it a lot easier to narrow down the houses you’re looking at to those you can comfortably afford.

Once you have a price range, we can help you find a home in Smyrna that fits your budget and your lifestyle. Smyrna is a very diverse market so, even if you’re a first-time buyer and want a simple house to start out with, there are excellent quality properties available in the Smyrna market.


If you’re not sure how to go about getting prequalified, call us and we can connect you with loan experts who can get you through the process.

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Aug. 1, 2017

August 2017 Events Near Smyrna


If you live in Smyrna or are shopping for real estate in the area, don’t forget to take in some of the local events. Below are some of the attractions taking place in August that are in, or are a short drive from, Smyrna.

Food Truck Tuesdays, August

Every Tuesday at Taylor-Brawner Park, from 5pm until 9pm, you can check out some of the best food trucks in the area. There are other events going on, as well, along with live music. It’s a perfect excuse to get out and about on a weeknight during the summer. There’s always plenty of variety to choose from among the vendors, so you won’t get burnt out on the event if you want to make it a regular thing. You can read more about it by clicking here.

Marietta Square Art Walk, August 4

This event runs all the way through November, on the first Friday of every month. This month, the first Friday is on the fourth, from 5pm until 9pm. In addition to the art available, the event features music, plenty of dining and other diversions. If you’ve just purchased real estate in Smyrna, this event, and the other arts events in the area, are good places to look for items to fill up the space. The event is held in Marietta square, a short drive from Smyrna. You can read more about the event by clicking here.

Eclipse Party, August 21

A stunning astronomical event is about to take place. If you’re going to be in Smyrna for the August total eclipse of the sun, head down to the library between 2pm and 3pm if you want to watch it with your neighbors. They have free eclipse glasses, so you don’t even have to worry if you forget your own! You can read more about the event by clicking here.

City of Kennesaw’s Pigs & Peaches BBQ Festival, August 25

The Pigs & Peaches BBQ festival features music and plenty of other events, but the food is the biggest draw. The festivities are held at Adams Park, a short trip from Smyrna. Teams of cooks face off against one another and, in addition to the competition, there are diversions for kids, beer vendors and more. The festival runs for two days. You can get more information about it by clicking here.


If you’re visiting Smyrna to look for real estate, remember that we know the area well and can always give reliable information about events, places to visit and more.

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July 26, 2017

Smart Buying Tips: Finding the Right Size House



Smart Buying Tips: Finding the Right Size House


Given how personal they become, it’s almost amusing that most of us start shopping for homes by saying we’re looking for “a house” or “a property.” Those are both expansive terms, encompassing everything from sprawling estates to simple one- or two-bedroom homes. What kind of house do you really need? Here are some ways to make that decision.


Invest at a Smart Level


Remember that, for most people, a house is the most expensive thing they’ll ever buy. You want to make sure that expense is an investment and, to invest intelligently, you have to know how much you can really stand to put into a house in Smyrna.


Fortunately, Smyrna has a wide variety of properties. If you’re looking for something big because you have a large family, Smyrna can certainly deliver. If you want something small and easy to take care of, Smyrna can provide that, as well. The key element is that you know what you need and don’t overbuy.


Talk to us about your plans for your home. If you’re looking for something to fix up and flip, your decision making process will be much different than that of someone who’s looking to move in and stay in a property for the indefinite future. The amount of money you have to spend, of course, is also vital to making a good decision.


Take Your Time


Realtors aren’t there to push you into buying a house. Realtors want to help you find the right house for you. They offer extensive knowledge of the market and current inventory, as well as practiced and effective negotiating skills that allow you to get a real edge in finding a home. Take advantage of what they know and take your time before making a decision about buying. Explore the neighborhoods, learn about the schools, and practice the commute a few times if you work in the city. With real estate, a considered, smart decision is always the goal.


Get Prequalified


Talk to a mortgage lender and get prequalified for a loan. This isn’t the same as actually getting approved, but it gives you a good idea of what price range you’ll want to look in. Let your Realtor know you’re prequalified and for how much and they can start showing you houses right away. Prequalification helps you to avoid getting your hopes up for a home you can’t afford, or aiming too low and not getting the best house available to you.


Smyrna is a great place to live. Getting property in Smyrna is a big decision, and we will help you at every step of the way.


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July 20, 2017

Saving Money on Air Conditioning


Georgia is pretty well-known for its warm summers. If you’re looking at property in Smyrna, or you already own property, here are some ways you can bring down your cooling bills. Some of them might require a bit of work on your house, but many of these tips require no more than changing your habits here and there.


Have an Expert Look at Your Home


You can have an HVAC contractor come into your home to see if your system is functioning well and to check for leaks. Remember that not all leaks are obvious. Sometimes, ductwork or other fixtures might need repairs and, if they’re leaking cool air before it reaches its destination, you might find yourself with a warm house and a thin wallet. Be sure to have your system inspected at the beginning of the cooling season and, when autumn comes around, at the beginning of the heating season, as well. You’ll be surprised how much money a simple inspection can save.


Close the House in the Day


It’s tempting to leave the windows open all day in the summer. After all, who doesn’t love fresh air in their house? The problem is that outside air temperatures can rise quickly and that can mean your A/C has to work extra hard to cool off the house. If you’re going to keep the windows open, do it at night and close them up as soon as the day starts to get warm. You’ll see a difference reflected in your cooling bills.


Cool Yourself, Not the Whole House


Sometimes, the house might be a bit warm but not so warm that you want to turn on the A/C. If heat doesn’t pose health issues for you, consider restricting your cooling to yourself rather than trying to cool every room in the house. A simple box fan positioned close to where you’re sitting can make it much more comfortable in the house and they cost barely a thing to run. Cool beverages and light clothes can also increase your tolerance to heat, and reduce your utility bills.


Check Your Windows


Everyone checks their windows before the cold weather, but make sure you do it during the summer, as well. Close your windows and check for drafts. If you notice heat coming in, consider upgrading your windows to energy-efficient models.


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July 14, 2017

Landscaping and Pesticides



Tending to your property’s landscaping is a great way to make sure it maintains its curb appeal. If you’re selling your property in Smyrna, you can be sure that a well-maintained yard is going to give a potential buyer just the right impression.


Landscaping, especially if you go heavy on the flowering and other ornamental plants, does tend to attract multi-legged invaders to your yard. If you’re averse to the idea of using pesticides to control the insect population in your yard, here are some alternatives that you might find more palatable.


Some Don’t Like it Hot


Ant colonies can become serious problems. Not only do ants sometimes damage plants, but you might find yourself inadvertently kneeling on an anthill and getting a painful surprise. You might find them invading your house, as well, and that’s never good.


Cayenne pepper, mixed with a bit of citrus oil, can help to repel ants. Citrus oil can be purchased wherever they sell essential oils. Cayenne, of course, you can just pick up at the grocery store. Put anywhere from five to fifteen drops of citrus oil and approximately a teaspoon of cayenne in a cup of water. Mix it up in a spray bottle and spray in the areas where ants are a problem.




We’re certainly not advocating smoking here, but tobacco has some good uses. That nicotine that gets people hooked on smoking is also a very powerful insecticide. It’s also easy to make into a plant spray. Pick up some loose tobacco. You’ll want roughly a cup of tobacco per gallon of water. Fill up a gallon container, drop the tobacco in and let it sit for 24-36 hours. It’ll turn a brownish-yellow color. You can put the mix into a spray bottle and spray it on plants to get rid of infestations. Do not use this on tomatoes or other solanaceous plants, however.




Spiders making you nervous? Peppermint oil repels them. You can pick up peppermint essential oil and mix it with water in a spray bottle. Use about 10-20 drops—depending upon the strength of the oil---in a small mister and spray away at baseboards, gaps in doors and other areas where eight-legged company might decide to come in the house. You can also spray this around plants that have spider issues.


If you want a pro to take a look at and, perhaps, revamp your yard, ask us for local experts.


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July 10, 2017

Is Smyrna, GA a Good Place to Live?


Smyrna, GA is one of the more popular places to live in the Atlanta area, particularly with younger people. Nonetheless, the popularity of a city alone is not enough to drive a good real estate decision. Smyrna has plenty going for it and the combination of those things, rather than trendiness, makes it a very popular place to live.


The Market Has Been Good


Over the past couple of years, the median home prices for Smyrna have held mostly steady and the price per square foot has climbed. At the same time, renting in Smyrna has become more expensive, handing the advantage to homeowners over renters. Add to that the fact that the average days on market figure for properties has dropped and you can see why people are consistently interested in Smyrna real estate.


The stability of the market and the availability of homes across a wide price range make Smyrna a good place to buy. The community makes it a great place to live.


Close to Atlanta


One of the major selling points of Smyrna, of course, is its proximity to Atlanta. There are plenty of people who choose to buy property in Smyrna because they want to be close to Atlanta, but don’t want to live right in the heart of it. For commuters, Smyrna is ideal. Like Atlanta itself, Smyrna boasts very diverse neighborhoods, which increases its appeal with younger buyers.


It’s Ideal for First-Time Buyers


The Millennials are a huge generation and, as they come into their own, they’re starting to look at property. Many younger buyers, of course, have never owned property in Smyrna or anywhere else before. Between the solid market and the availability of homes that are affordable, but worth owning, a good number of first-time buyers in the Atlanta area look toward Smyrna.


Is Smyrna Right for You?


You can always talk to us about whether or not the community would work for you. There are plenty of places to live around Atlanta, but more and more people are choosing to live in Smyrna. A Realtor can give you more insight into why that’s the case and, if you’re interested, help you to find the best property in Smyrna for you and your family.


If you’re a first-time buyer, remember that getting prequalified for a mortgage can make home shopping a lot faster and easier!


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July 3, 2017

Interest Rates Remain Low, Mortgage Rates Not Expected to Increase




The Fed notched up interest rates during June but, according to current economic forecasts, this shouldn’t cause mortgage rates to go up much. Thus far, they haven’t gone up at all and that’s expected to hold true for the near future.


The Economy Looks Good


The Fed is anticipating that the economy will pick up a bit this year, hence the rise in interest rates. Over the past eighty months, the US has consistently seen job numbers tick up and, between that and a lowered prediction for inflation, the Fed is confident in the economy.


The US economy has been growing at a steady pace since 2009. According to CNN, this is one of the longest periods of growth in American history and the Fed’s actions reflect a belief that it will continue.


If you’re shopping for real estate in Smyrna, seeing interest rates go up can be worrisome. Keep in mind, however, that mortgage rates are still at historic lows and that they’re not expected to go up immediately. If you want to take proactive action to make sure you lock in the best rates, you can do the following.


Talk to us


We can give you an idea of how much you should expect to spend for a property that suits your needs. They also tend to know mortgage lenders in their area, so they’re a good resource if you’re a first-time buyer and have no idea what your first steps should be.


If you’re a first-time buyer or you’ve lost track of your credit score, you should take a look at it to make sure you know where you stand. Fixing any issues on your credit report can make it easier and less expensive to borrow for a home purchase.


Smyrna real estate is diverse and comes at a range of prices. If you’re worried that the market is unaffordable for you, again, talk to us before you make any decisions about looking elsewhere. Between their knowledge of the market, their connections within the community and, of course, the fact that mortgage rates are very low right now, it’s an excellent time to be shopping for a home in Smyrna. With the economy improving as it has been for years now, those looking to get into a new home have good reason to move quickly rather than holding off.


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June 30, 2017

Fireworks for the Fourth Near Smyrna



Whether you live in Smyrna, are visiting or are checking out real estate over the Fourth of July, you have plenty of options for catching a fireworks display. There are several taking place near Smyrna.


Before you get started with your own fireworks, however, head over to the City of Smyrna’s page to get information on local regulations and safety tips so you can be sure you’re doing things right. You can see the city’s information by clicking here.


In general, Smyrna’s regulations are similar to statewide regulations. Keep in mind, however, that Smyrna can regulate fireworks further than does the state so, if you’re in doubt, call the city and ask if a particular firework you’re interested in setting off is permitted or not.


Kennesaw Salute to America


This celebration kicks off on the 3rd of July, starting at 6pm and running until 10pm. There’s plenty of music scheduled and, at 9:30pm, the fireworks show kicks off. If the weather isn’t cooperative, the fireworks will take place on July 8. There will be plenty of food available and activities for the kids, as well, so don’t be afraid to show up early. You can get more information on the celebration by clicking here.


Acworth 4th of July Celebration


Acworth’s festivities kick off at 4pm on the fourth. They’re being held at Acworth Beach, located at 2293 Beach Street in Acworth. The celebration offers plenty to do, including food trucks and music. The actual fireworks display starts up at 9:30pm. You’ll want to get there early, of course, for parking. You can call 770-917-1234 for more information on the celebration.




If you want to head into the city to catch the fireworks, you certainly won’t be alone. Fortunately, there are plenty of places around Atlanta where you can see the fireworks displays, so if you go to the city early to find a good spot, you should have an excellent evening of fireworks viewing. You can see a list of places where you can watch the fireworks by clicking here.


Other Activities


If fireworks aren’t your thing, remember there’s always a lot going on in Smyrna and in the surrounding areas, so finding an alternative activity shouldn’t be a problem. If you want to get to know the town better, ask us for information on the city and the best places to get out and about, during holidays or otherwise!


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June 27, 2017

The Latest on June 2017 Mortgage Rates



Mortgage rates were lower than they had been all year at the beginning of June. What people shopping for real estate in Smyrna want to know, of course, is whether or not those low rates are likely to last for the rest of the month. There are several different factors that play into how mortgage rates will fare.


May Was Great for Mortgages


Mortgage rates at the outset of June were south of four percent, marking their lowest point of the year thus far. That came as a welcome relief for people searching for new lending. If you are looking for real estate, this overall trend is as promising as the low rates.


Some experts expect the downward trend in mortgage rates to continue through the month of June so, if you’re considering buying real estate in Smyrna at the beginning of the summer, now would be a good time to start shopping or, at the very least, to get prequalified for lending so you can act fast when you and your Realtor find the perfect property. Remember that summer is a very busy season in Smyrna’s real estate market, so moving quickly when you find a good deal is highly advisable.


Keep in mind that, if you’re worried that you might not qualify for a traditional mortgage, you can always look at FHA and VA loans. These loans are oftentimes the best choices for borrowers who haven’t much of a credit history, and for those whose credit isn’t quite where they’d like it to be. FHA and VA loans are ideal options for those who are making the step from renter to buyer, as well, so be sure to ask your Realtor or your mortgage lender about whether you’d qualify.


What About the Rate Hike?


Right now, experts forecast that there’s upwards of a seventy-percent chance that the Fed is going to hike interest rates in June. Don’t be discouraged by that news.


First and foremost, keep in mind that people know the hike is likely to come. The markets anticipate this and, quite often, any rises in mortgage rates are reflected long before the hike actually happens. There’s also good news: Growth is likely to increase in the third quarter, so the weak growth of the last two quarters might be about to turn around.




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